Top Young Kenyan YouTubers with Beautiful Houses (Part 2)

In part two of Young YouTubers’ house tour, we dive deeper into the homes of content creators while learning from their home décor, apartment choice, and lavish living.

Top Young Kenyan YouTubers with Beautiful Houses (Part 2)
Maggie Maria. Photo/Courtesy

In case you missed it, here's part 1 of the house tours

1. Dee Mwango

Dee Mwango, a travel and lifestyle YouTuber and sister to Iam_marwa also a YouTuber, has her house in an apartment near the city and one can view the city from within. The house has a beautiful sofa but sadly, her walls are plain and empty. She reveals that you can have a taste of her lovely white bed through Airbnb. Dee currently has 126k subscribers.  

2. Maggie Maria

The eloquent YouTuber and former “Maria” actress’ house has a lovely sofa with storage space, a glassy wallpaper on one side, and her faces on the other. Space is not an issue in this crib and her house is simply lavish. Her YouTube channel is all about beauty, family and lifestyle and she currently has 82.4k subscribers.

3. Suzy’s Homestead

Suzy, a family and home tips YouTuber with 48.9k subscribers, is proud of her home and as she puts it, she shows it all the good the bad, and the ugly. The rental house has a spacious living room with beautiful flowers and wall hangings but the floor is a turn-off. Recently, she got a new house, and here is the empty house tour. Below is the house tour of her previous house.

4. Elodie Zone

Although Elodie is a Kenyan citizen, she has stayed in France and Mauritius.  Her channel is mainly about lifestyle and travel.  She currently has 37.1k subscribers on her channel. The view from the living room window is welcoming but she doesn’t mention it. Her house is neatly arranged with enough space in the kitchen but sadly, she says she doesn’t cook. Also, her cat has his own toilet too.

5. Zack Daniel

 Zack Daniel’s channel is about lifestyle and she has 20.5k subscribers. We don’t really get to see much of the house in this tour, it’s only a close-up view of the house equipment. Pretty much of the house tour is about Zack’s naughty and smelly fridge. Since you won’t be seeing much of the house, here’s the link to the previous empty house tour of the house.

6. Official Kinuthia

Why did he shoot the house tour in a bathrobe? Well, I guess it’s none of my business. His house may be small but it’s well organized and the bathroom and toilet have nice decor. Official Kinuthia's YouTube channel has 18.5k subscribers and it’s a lifestyle, travel, and pranks channel.

7. Living Tiny with Grace- 16.8k

 Remember the lady who built her own container house? Here she is. Her channel is all about container house building and DIY container house living. She takes us on a tour of the house explaining bits and pieces about it. Surprisingly, despite it being a container house, it is spacious and you can’t tell it’s a container house when inside. Even though she began her channel in May this year, she has 17.1k subscribers.

8. Christine Ger

You’ll love Christine Ger’s house, the living room is spacious and neatly arranged and plenty of plants. She is the first YouTuber I’ve noticed who has a bookshelf with actual books and not a table with expensive dummy books. This channel is about health and self-care and even though the number of subscribers is hidden, according to the number of views, one can tell that she has a large following.

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