4 Types of Mansionettes and How Long it Takes To Build Each

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4 Types of Mansionettes and How Long it Takes To Build Each

Unlike a normal house a maisonette in often cases has separate doors to the outside within the same building and is always flat with one or two floors.

In a well-planned and well-executed building process, a maisonette may take from seven months to two years. However, the size per square meter and the number of floors, professionals, together with other financial factors might affect the building duration. Here is a list of different types of maisonette and their building duration.

1. Neoclassical

A property investor who is willing to put in all the resources needed for the construction of a neoclassical maisonette might go up to one year if it's a storey of two or one floors. One can not immediately move into a newly constructed house as the building will still be holding a lot of moisture. For this, a neo-classical needs up to 12 months duration after the construction is done to fully dry out, since concrete bricks and mortar absorbs a lot of moisture during the construction process. Meaning an average of two years to count it as a ready to move -in-home.

[An example of a neo-classical house. Photo/Courtesy]

2. Cape cod

From preparing the lot and laying the foundation, to the framing of the house and building a cape cod maisonette can go up to five years. When we think of a cape cod maisonette we think of a big and usually sophisticated design, and this usually amounts to the total duration it takes to fully bring out one in its full nature.

3. American style

Its difference comes in the functionality of its different rooms. Every partitioning in this style of maisonette has a meaning and a purpose, it pays keen attention to detail. This type of mansionette usually takes a long period of time to be fully constructed depending on the owner's intention for the property. It can have a whole set of renovations once it's done thus for an American style of maisonette no specific duration can be really quoted to take for the building process.

4. Italianate and colonial

Their uniqueness is the ballrooms and lounges, and an Italian maisonette can have up to three kitchens. All factors are on hold, it can take up to 15 months to build and construct one of these two types of mansionette as they date back to the building that was present before independence thus the architecture is not far from being familiar with them.

Generally one needs to plan for the preconstruction period where you pull the permits, finalize the architecture as well as put your finances together then you can lay the foundation, then frame the house.

The roofing follows then sliding, plumbing, and wiring are finalized. The finish work, where painting and clearance are later done after the building is well dried. After this, the property owner does an inspection to check if everything came out right, in case of anything one should plan for a makeover.

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