Top Young Kenyan YouTubers with Beautiful Houses (Part 1)

As more and more young people are getting into YouTube content creation, the fruits they are reaping are seen in their home investments. Some build, others buy while some live in luxurious apartments.

Top Young Kenyan YouTubers with Beautiful Houses  (Part 1)
Mungai Eve [photo/courtesy]

Unlike celebrities who started their channels after garnering fame through other platforms, those featured here started their YouTube channels from scratch and then became famous. Most of the houses are big and classy while some are small but beautiful.

You will definitely get a lot of ideas on interior design, home decor, house designs and much more from these house tours.  

1. Rosina Sharon

Rosina, a make-up and beauty enthusiast has 588k subscribers. She has a good taste and is natural when it comes to YouTubing. Her house has lots of light and mirrors. Check out her well-decored apartment.

2. Mungai Eve

After moving out of his tiny apartment in Juja, Mungai smiles her way into a new spacious house with a beautiful view on the balcony. Mungai’s channel has 347k subscribers.

3. Iam_Marwa

Fredrick Marwa has 289k subscribers on his travel YouTube channel, which he started just to show his friends back home in Kenya how Colombia looks like.  Here he takes us on a tour of the mansion he built for his parents. From the video, it is evident that they all appreciate where they have come from. He is currently building his own glass house.

4. Thee Pluto

In a man’s house tour, you’d expect things to be messy, not this guy’s. Thee Pluto has 138k subscribers and after giving his followers a house tour of his once humble home where he grew up, Thee Pluto takes his fans on a tour of his own house which has an empty fridge. Click here for the video

5. Maggie Mwende

Maggie Mwende whose channel is a motivational cleaning, lifestyle and self-care channel, gives us a detailed house tour of her well-stocked house. Even though the house is kind of small, it is well organized. Her channel has 61.4k subscribers.

6. Bobo Afrika

Bobo’s channel is all about fashion, travel and has random vlogs of the things she likes. Her page has 10.9k subscribers. She takes us on a tour of her gorgeous and spacious penthouse.

7. Kendi Kiome

Kendi is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber with 10.4k subscribers. Her current apartment is spacious and has unique security features.

To be continued... 

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-Edited by Skeeter Imisa

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