Modern Home Fencing Ideas

Putting up a fence is now an important investment for homeowners. Fences provide you with security, privacy and it also contributes to your home's exterior design.

Modern Home Fencing Ideas

Many homeowners are now installing modern fences. The cost of the fence will vary according to; 
Level of maintenance 
Here are some of the fences you should look for when you are considering installation or replacement

a)Aluminum Fencing
It is one of the most beautiful fencings.
It is also easy to maintain. You can also choose to paint and decorate it if with time it fades.
Might not offer the best security option since it is not that strong.

b)Timber Fencing
If you are looking for class then this is what you should go for.
They were mainly acquired from classical picket fences which comprised of pickets that were horizontally fixed into rails spanning between posts.
This wall with beautifully selected plants makes a fascinating wall

Wear down easily in a hot and humid climate.

c)Living Fencing
They bring out appealing beauty and to add to it, they are eco-friendly. Depending on the plant species they can last for ages.

Lining fences are often created by starting a nursery plant/seed. After they mature the seedlings are then pruned tightly in order to form a thick, bushy and impenetrable hedge. Another option is to plant them 4 to 8 inches apart. As they grow their crossing branches are then tied for them to grow together into natural grafts.
They become a closely meshed barrier that grows stronger and more resistant each year.

Requires intensive Work during its initial stages.

d)Masonry walling
They are the most common type of fences these days. They are durable and aesthetic when properly done. Most people who put up this type of wall only focus on securing their compound while forgetting to add style to it.