The Plodding Death of Subukia Shrine

Subukia shrine has been a pilgrim home for many Christians as well as non-Christians. It is a site mostly  visited by the Catholics.The shrine is on the top of Subukia hill, a place a near the equator.

The Plodding Death of Subukia Shrine

Subukia town is also located strategically in a central place for accessibility from all parts of the country and its approximately 40 kilometers from Nakuru town. The shrine sits on a 300-acre plot.

The shrine is surrounded by a once green forest that served as a water table. It is also the source of river Subukia which flows to Lake Bogoria. Subukia town is rapidly growing both in population as well as human activities. The Increased human activities have seen the massive destruction of the Subukia forest. Lumbering, charcoal burning and agricultural activities have seen total change of the forest around Subukia shrine. 

According to a report by the Nation, this has been facilitated by corrupt area administration members, timbers producers and well politically connected individuals who are continually clearing the forest for charcoal and farming around the shrine.

In an interview by the Nation, a village elder (William Obara), expressed his shock and his fear for threatened food security of Nakuru County since there has been reduced rainfall and hence low production brought about by the human activities in the forest. Subukia was once a food basket for the county.

The local government, shines administration and the relevant state agencies charged with maintenance of the forest have been silent irrespective of massive destruction of the forest for agriculture, logging and charcoal burning.

The forest destruction has not only affected the rainfall in the region but also the extinction of animals and reduction of the animals that once called the forest a home. The springs at the shrine are also drying which is seeing a reduction in the water level of river Subukia. 

Hesitation of the charged authorities to deal with the issue might see a total change of the place that drew pilgrims from all over the world for spiritual nourishment.