The Goodness of Living in a Bedsitter/Studio Apartment

Most people are often ashamed of living in a bedsitter and calling it a studio apartment somehow makes others sugarcoat the reality of such living. But, there is nothing to be ashamed of, especially if you are starting out or you have a good reason to.

The Goodness of Living in a Bedsitter/Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment has its own benefits, some of which include,

You will pay less

Most people assume that those who live in studio apartments are stingy or poor people. But they are just economists and people who love saving or they have no other choice. Bedsitters will make you save a lot of money and even encourage you to invest and own your own home. Renting bedsitters in Kenya could cost you from six thousand shillings to twenty thousand shillings, depending on the location. 

There’s no need for much furniture

With studio apartments, you won’t need to own much furniture. You can get a convertible sofa, a futon or any type of sleeper sofa to make the room more inviting instead of having a seat and a separate bed. This will save on space and money.

Apart from furniture, you will also buy only the necessary household items since you will need to utilize the little space.

It encourages you to move

Living in a bedsitter will encourage you to save for a better place. As you grow career-wise or business-wise, you will be exposed to new environments and you will want to change the status quo. You will move to a better place because change will be inevitable and not because of peer pressure or trying to please others.  

Makes you more organized

Such a living will make you more organized and neat. Just in case the neighbour drops by, you won’t have time to hide anything or clean, since it’s just one open view (unless of course, you have the self-invented partitions). Having fewer household goods, you won’t really be making a mess of them.

Cleaning is easy

Cleaning a studio apartment is child’s play, unlike cleaning a two bed-roomed apartment. You won’t need to hire someone to do the work for you, especially if you love cleaning. Since it is an easy job, you can clean it as often as you want.

It can be exciting living in a studio apartment and it can really be a big space for you despite the smallness and the negatives attached to such a lifestyle. In the next article, we are going to see how you can live comfortably in a bedsitter.