How to Make Your Room Look Bigger

While livingrooms are the spaces in our homes that we like to sit ,relax our minds and entertain ,the majority don't own homes with big luxurious living rooms. However it can be very hard to relax in a room that feels tight. So here are some interior design tips on how to make your living room feel bigger while building it even if you have a small space.

How to Make Your Room Look Bigger
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Empasize Vertical Dimensions.

1.Bigger Windows,Longer Curtains.
This duo is not only elegant but also helps in making the room look and feel bigger. Focus on making vertically-focused windows as opposed to horizonal ones.
Bigger windows also bring in more natural  light into the living room making it feel less confined and more spacious

 Add decorative drapes and curtains hanging from a simple rod above the window frame , descending all the way to the floor.

2.Higher ceilings.
Lower ceilings often make a room feel small and suffocating,while higher ceilings emphasize on the vertical dimensions of the space creating more space and raising the eye, making your living room feel spacious and relaxing.

3. Built-ins.

Built-ins are definitely the go to for any small living rooms. They save alot of space and that is the goal. The fewer the pieces of furniture in your living room the more spacious your living room will feel.

Open -Floor Plan.

Now, while open floor plans have their disadvantages such as lack of privacy,we cannot deny that they help create space in a home. The less the doors the more spacious a house looks and feels .

Appealing walls

1.Use decorative and stylish wallpapers. Make sure they are of large patterns to create the illusion of a larger room.

2. Use light toned of bright colors. 
Dark colors absorb the light in the room, paint your walls in brighter colors such as yellow,blue or green. You can also use cool neural colors such as white. Try painting your wall trim and mouldings in a lighter color than  your walls.