Pros and Cons of Penthouse Apartments

Penthouses offer the best view of the building, have a large balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows in multiple rooms.

Pros and Cons of Penthouse Apartments
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Apartment hunting comes with its own share of fun and also challenges for one reason or the other. However, at the end of the day one will settle for what they are comfortable with considering finances and number of occupants.

For those that their budgets allow, luxury is number one on their list. One type of house that comes with luxury is a penthouse.

Penthouse apartments are units that are on the top floor of a building. Currently the term penthouse is a marketing term for a unit that has a different layout in a building and not necessarily on the top floor.

So what are the pros of a penthouse apartment?


Renters after a status in the society can go for a penthouse. The location and both exterior and interior designs will make your house a choice for hosting and entertaining family and friends.

Spacious and Luxurious

Renters looking for more space and a luxurious touch should look out for a penthouse. Some include features such as walk-in closets and showers,oversized balconies, jacuzzi tubs, vaulted ceilings and fireplaces.


The fact that its the only apartment on the top floor penthouses offer more privacy. You can enjoy exclusive access to the elevator and other amenities. Some penthouses come with special keys to reach the top floor.

Beautiful Views

Penthouses offer the best view of the building, have a large balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows in multiple rooms.

As much as a penthouse can be luxurious and comes with a certain status there are a few disadvantages.


Luxury as usual comes at a cost and penthouses are the most expensive given that it also takes alot of resources to construct and design. Therefore before settling for one ensure that your finances are able to cater for rent without running into debts. In Kenya a penthouse can go for as high as thirty million Kenyan shillings or even more.

Long Walks and rides in the Elevator 

Though it is a non-issue to a person who is not busy, those living a busy life that require movement in and out of the apartment can find this tiresome and boring.

Can be Noisy

Not all rooftops are noisy, but find out what amenities are located at the rooftop that can be potentially noisy.

Harsh Weather

The weather seems to be harsher as you go up and this is not different with penthouses considering their location. It can be extremely hot or cold leading to higher electricity bills since one might decide to use a heater or AC.

Not Easy to Find

Considering the market and the cost of construction, most landlords will go for other types of houses rather than penthouses. Those that settle for penthouses will have only fewer units. This therefore makes penthouses scarce.

So whether a penthouse or not, will greatly depend on individual choices and preferances.