Nigerian Cuisine Hits Lusaka Taste Buds

Zambians from all walks of life have been treated to a variety of Nigerian dishes that they only see in the famous films showcased on the screens since the launch of Naija Chops.

Nigerian Cuisine Hits Lusaka Taste Buds

A couple of years ago the Nigerian film industry took the Zambia public by storm with many people glued to their television sets. As they were introduced to a new culture that involved language.

However, it is not only the language and the film industry that enticed the Zambia public but also the Nigerian cuisine introduced.

Naija Chops located in Lusaka’s Kabulonga shopping complex and Tasty Bite Nigerian restaurant located in Lusaka’s Showgrounds has drawn people from all walks of life to come and try the variety of dishes that they only see in the famous films showcased on the screens.

Since they opened their doors, these two restaurants have had an outpouring audience.

According to one of the customers, the reception at Naija Chops is warm and welcoming.

 “The ambiance is warm and welcoming with a provision of indoor and outdoor seating although I preferred to sit inside, the waitress was really helpful in explaining the menu and so I settled for the ATA DIN DIN pepper soup with plain rice, which came with side salads and some appetizers,” she mentioned.

Since the two restaurants hit the scene in Lusaka Jollof rice has been a particular favourite, however, lately people are exploring other dishes like Egusi soup, Groundnut bitterleaf, Egusi soup and Okro Soup served with Jollof rice, fried plantain and Eba, which is Zambian equivalent of Cassava Nshima / Paap.

From its design and ambiance to the background music, art and food, NaijaChops offers a small piece of the Nigerian culture is a sure choice for some jaiye jaiye for foodies and the good vibes tribe.

Esnart Mwanza explains that as an African woman is easily drawn to Tasty Bite Nigerian restaurant because of her love for authentic Nigerian cuisine.

Ms Mwanza although a Zambian woman has always admired Nigerians dishes, which is expressed through their different dishes.

“Nigerians are deeply rooted in their culture and food is used to showcase this culture, and through the different dishes offered at Tasty Bite restaurant you get a taste of that experience,” said Ms Mwanza.

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