Window Grille Designs to Consider for Your House

Window Grilles are decorative pattern on a window or door consisting of horizontal and/or vertical bars that divide the larger sheet of glass into smaller panes. The kinds are as varied as your creativity can go.

Window Grille Designs to Consider for Your House

Natural air is important in our houses and grilles are meant to let in the fresh air. While glass windows let in sufficient daylight, they block air circulation when shut.

Grilles are an extraordinary method for keeping your home ventilated without allowing any of the bugs to hum around in a great climate.

While some of us prefer blocking our windows, you can still have grilles with delightful plans and thoughts, the window grille can be made to look very decorative. Here are a few models…

In this double-height living room, the floor-to-ceiling windows welcome plenty of sunlight indoors, ensuring that the interiors are bright and cheery through the day.
Diagonal bars (metal window grilles) laid out in diamond shapes are installed on the glass, creating grand casement windows.
Hard, metallic bars aren’t the only way to ensure security – one can experiment with jali windows too. Jalis add an Indian touch to the window grilles and home.

The jalis made of Corten have tiny perforations that allow enough cool air to pass through while giving the entire area a decorative touch.
When light streams in from this window, it creates a beautiful shadow effect, almost like an intricate piece of art reflected on the floor.
A long strip-like window can be used to provide a sense of one being connected to the outdoors while still maintaining a level of privacy. The dainty yet simple window grille design complements the minimalist vibe of the room.

The above design shows that there is beauty in details and small things. This tiny round window in a concrete wall is given a special treatment with the wrought-iron grille shaped like a tree. 
The lovely grille patterns on the window, the antique lamp and the painting on this picture creates a charming experience while walking up or down the stairs.
The diagonal bars separate diamond-shaped panes of glass. The dome-style treatment of the wall around this arched window gives the whole area more depth.
The grid-style grille pattern on large windows definitely adds a slice of sophistication to this all-white, modern kitchen. Large windows are best suited to dense patterns of grilles; gives a bit of visual relief.
Too many iron bars set together in a grid pattern can sometimes look cold and unsettling. Here’s how it can be done right: take a look at this ornately designed wrought-iron beauty that sits proudly over a brick wall and complements the calming vignette of greenery outside.

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