Mwananchi Credit 2021 Best Land Title-Based Financer.

"Through our loans, we have enabled many to raise capital to run their business or to complete developing properties," said Edwin Kagiri, Mwananchi credit's head of operations.

Mwananchi Credit 2021 Best Land Title-Based Financer.

This year's annual real estate excellence awards held in Nairobi saw Mwananchi credit awarded the best land title-based financer. This being the fourth time the event is being held, the recognition of the financiers has increased its popular title deed financial product.

The award followed shortly on hot heels after Mwananchi just won the best logbook loan financiers during the annual automotive industry awards. the company upholds a high innovative spirit depicted by its constant effort of lending by diversifying borrowers' surety and collateral.

on accepting the award, Edwin Kagiri who is also the head of operations at Mwananchi credit had this to say,

"We are well known for our logbook loans and asset finance products. however we quickly did our research and noted that we are locking out quite a big bunch of potential credit-worthy clients who may not have a car but have land property. Through our little loans, we have enabled many to raise capital to run their business or even complete developing properties to increase their value. "

Mwananchi credit was also uniquely recognized for one of its unique category loans known as landlord loans, where it offers loans to landlords with a simple issuance of title deed and rent repayment agreement deed. This category has seen many property owners coming for loans for renovation and other related expenses. 

Another recognition of the company was the speed up of its title deed disbursement from an industry average of 90 days to Up to 14days.  

It is one of the leading logbook loan providers in the country with a diverse portfolio of title deed loans, civil servants salary check-off loans, import and asset financing among others.

Edited by Emomeri Maryanne

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