Inside Caroline Mutoko's Italian-Styled Kitchen

The kitchen brand Kitchens & Beyond recently named Caroline Mutoko as its brand ambassador and unlike other brand ambassadors, the former radio personality uses the brand’s products and has been promoting them ever since.

Inside Caroline Mutoko's Italian-Styled Kitchen
Caroline Mutoko in her kitchen (Photo/ Courtesy)

Caroline Mutoko hated her old kitchen, she had been searching for a new one for over three years and then she came across Kitchens & Beyond and the journey to a new kitchen began.

Kitchens & Beyond offer a range of kitchen types with the Italian kitchen brand Snaidero. The kitchens have distinctive names such as Kelly, Way and First, all of which the media queen has been giving tours on the brand's YouTube channel.

Mutoko literally had her former kitchen demolished from the inside and the walls and floor scrapped out to accommodate the new custom-made kitchen from Kitchens & Beyond. The plumbing was done afresh and the other fittings were precisely placed in the new plan.

Caroline Mutoko showcasing another Kitchens & Beyond's Kitchen (photo courtesy)

Her kitchen, which is a Snaidero’s First is the kind of kitchen that doesn’t make noise. The cupboards and cabinets don’t bang, they seamlessly close and open. One of the cabinets is the Lazy Susan cabinet which when opened, rotates and the tray serves you with whatever is inside the cabinet.

Even though everything was brand new in the kitchen, Caroline Mutoko opted to hold on to her old fridge and keep the memories it brought. 

The bespoke kitchen with high-quality finishes and accessories has a pull-out pantry drawer in between the fridge and the oven and the cabinets are fitted with enough lighting so there’s no need for having lights on during the day.

(Photo Courtesy)

The cabinet doors are laser sealed and have a thickness of 19mm and they, therefore, don’t peel off the initial colours. Most importantly, the kitchen comes with a 10-year warranty.

-Edited by Skeeter Imisa

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