Top Real Estate Brands in Kenya

It's way easier to find a perfect investment opportunity as well as avoid money losses together with properties when dealing with a recognizable real estate brand in the property market as an investor.

Top Real Estate Brands in Kenya

Real estate brands offer great help in acquiring cheap and affordable property. Buying a home needs one to find a property that is favorable to his or her interest. You need to go through brands and find one that spikes you. Here is a list of Kenya's most recognizable real estate brands.

  • Hass Consult Limited

The company goes way back to 1992 and has forever provided quality services to customers with a laid foundation all over the city of Nairobi. Offering services such as new property development and consultancy on matters related to real estate, joint venture financing and marketing with also the management of residential and commercial properties. It has brought an impact on the Kenyan real estate market at large.

  • Knight Frank Kenya ( KFK)

It's the same part operating also in Uganda and Tanzania under the Knight Frank real estate companies. For over 20 years it has expanded its network to central and east African countries. Its best experience in the international real estate market makes it more of a regional player in the property industry notorious also in its plethora or real quick estate opportunities.

Offering property management services, agency, research consultancy, valuation and feasibility,  it stands as a choice for many people.

  • Villa Care Limited

It's unique with its provision of services to even government agencies as well as the private sectors. This brand has managed to earn a proper name not only from its wide array of services but also its management of the real estate, land and construction of projects from start to completion. Villa Care Limited is doing more than just mere traditional purpose real estate brands have always been doing.

  • Optiven Enterprise

Optiven Enterprise operates a little differently by buying land from middle and low-income earners providing the lands later for sale in the bigger picture of the property market. With a great transformative mission to create a changing environment for its stakeholders, staff and customers, Optiven Enterprise subsidies an optiven construction with optiven water.

It is a reliable real estate brand in the Kenyan property market ranking 68 out of the 1000 real estate brands in East Africa. As far as buying land is concerned Optiven stands as the best option with a guarantee of quick returns once your project or ideas kick-off. On top of it, all its branches are widespread including one in America.

  • Llyod Masika

Provision of professional valuation and estate agency services has gained this brand the most trust over other brands in the country. It operates in three key departments: Agency, valuation and management department since its establishment in the year 1979. It is the number one valuation and estate agency services render in Kenya's property market and this has made it grow tremendously with the great expansion in its customer outreach.

  • Dinara Developers

Its main aim is to provide affordable housing.  Dinara developers have worked it out through the purchase of large pieces of land, which they later do value addition onto like electricity installation or even water provision then they subdivide it to sell it out as plots.

  • Homes Universal

It's a number one property developer that is keen on anticipating the needs of the market. Its realtors are quick to provide the kind of services that are exactly convenient to its clients by reading its market dynamics.

  • Diamond Properties

Its input into the property market has made investors gain a lot of wealth making it an award-winning leader of property investment in Kenya. It has about 3770 issued tittles for around 50 phases of completion for over 19 years.

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