Pascal Tokodi's Wife, Grace Ekirapa Transforms an Empty Room into a Walk-in Closet

It used to be an empty room and now, Grace Ekirapa flaunts her grey fully furnished walk-in closet.

Pascal Tokodi's Wife, Grace Ekirapa Transforms an Empty Room into a Walk-in Closet
Grace Ekirapa (Photo/ Courtesy)

A home is one thing that this couple, Paskal Tokodi and grace Ekirapa had planned for, dreamt about and deliberated evidently on their home makeover videos all over their youtube channel. Seeing it fruitful, as grace Ekirapa does the whole designing, choosing the colour and imagining how the whole closet would be like through the help of a family friend we meet through a video, Muraya not a big name though, is one of the biggest dreams of new homeowners.

She began the whole journey by spending a lot of time in the empty room, just doing the whole thinkhing through and designing the whole deal in her head like a basic creative interior designer does. Moving on, she gets to visit a furniture store, where she learns different names of different materials needed to make the whole walk-in closet and as she calls them, she got the  MDF and lipin, timber, the knobs for the drawers and everything that one needs to start the whole walk-in closet build up.

(photo courtesy of YouTube)

The whole closet is divided into two. Grace takes the longest part of it because she owns dresses that need bigger spaces which her husband doesn't need, owning only trousers that get folded before placement into the closet. 

Her mirror, positioned centrally like a door, is creatively hiding behind it a set of three drawers, you can tell a lady needs more space for accessories and all that dressing comes with. On top of the mirror is a set of shelves meant for her sling bags, with her larger handbags carefully placed at the topmost shelves.

The second part of the closet is her official clothing unit, she has them positioned towards her shoe section where the blazers and tops are hanged on the upper part of it, then the skirts and trousers are done on the bottom part of the closet. The closet, however, matches it looks complete in the eyes of the basic dresser she still claims she's on the verge of doing here and there restocks since they gave out a lot of clothes when the whole closet was done.

Well, her husband's side of the closet is quite manly, with just a peak of tailored shirts, sweaters and merchandised shirts only on display. His side is completed with a set of tracksuits at the bottom with only three drawers guessingly socks, boxers and whatever else.

The whole closet is wrapped up with a centrally positioned make-over desk and console from Tiny house, a unique piece indeed. The desk with a top furnish made from glass is an epic piece as Grace praises it to be one that can be easily cleaned especially when stained with an eye pencil, unlike other materials. Its divide into two drawers one storing her makeup kits and the other one storing her make-up brushes.

The whole closet is white and grey with a white fluffy carpet as the central piece, sure grace is not only gorgeous on broadcast but she has proved to her fans that she has a creative mindset just as her broadcast career wants her to be.

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne