What Your Nairobi Coffee Shop Says About You

What Your Nairobi Coffee Shop Says About You
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1. The Library Coffee Bar.

You like your peace and quiet. You may also be a lover of books and coffee.

The Library is a Coffee Bar located at Sarit Center, rooftop.

It is said to be a spacious and peaceful place. For those who dislike crowds or are just looking for a place to work or study, this is your heaven. It also has books that you can read while having your coffee.

2. Art Cafe.

You like your coffee and your meal at the same time.

Located in several areas such as Westgate, Kenyatta Avenue, Yaya, Kitengela, etc.

Art Cafe not only serves coffee and baked goodies like all coffee shops but also main meals. This means you can have your six o'clock coffee after work and dinner afterward before heading home 

3. Java House.

You genuinely like your Coffee and Tea.

If you are in the mood for some real Kenyan coffee, this is the place to go.

Java House is one of the first coffee houses in the city and has more than twenty branches in Nairobi. It is East Africa's largest coffee chain.

4. Barista& co.

You go there for a quiet place to study and to take some Instagram photos or snaps.
Mostly for the youth.

Located in Sarit Center and Keystone Park.

5. Honey and Dough Cafe.

You like group hangouts

Located at One  Africa Place, along Waiyaki Way Nairobi.