How One Can Acquire Land in Tanzania

Tanzania has commonly three ways of acquiring land which are through allocation, purchase and through gift. In which through allocation is only by the relevant authority. This authority could be the chief, villager headman or chairperson. In most cases such allocation was accompanied by some restrictions which had to be observed by the occupier.

How One Can Acquire Land in Tanzania
How One Can Acquire Land in Tanzania

Under customary law, land could also be acquired through purchase.  In any case where there was an allegation that a claimant or his predecessor in title had acquired permanent rights in land by purchase or gift there might be a preliminary issue as to whether customary land tenure of die situs recognized the buying and selling or other disposition of land at the alleged date.

In acquiring land through gift, Tanzania customary law recognizes granting of land as a gift subject to certain formalities as the case may be.

There was the other way of acquiring land, which is already repealed which was by clearing of vacant areas which was also been deemed to be the best way of asserting ownership in land. That way was by that time, one who was first to clear and settle on the land was given priority in determining instances of ownership but this is no longer in use.

For investors, Tanzania Investment Centre website https://tanzania.eregulations.organd  provides for that, when it is a foreign investor, one can obtain land for investment through Tanzania Investment Centre(TIC), where a ‘‘ Derivative Right’’ is granted. 

There are two main ways by which investors can obtain land for investment: which are to apply for land acquisition from the village, and then follow all the necessary steps required, until the land is transferred from village land to general land and given to TIC in order to prepare a Derivative Right for the investor.

And the other way is by purchasing a piece of land from individuals/ Companies; once the buyer and a seller have agreed upon the price, the seller is required to surrender the land title to the Commissioner for Lands in order to re-issue in the name of TIC, which will eventually prepare a Derivative Right for an investor.