Green Heart of Kenya: Kilifi’s Nature Hub

Green Heart of Kenya: Kilifi’s Nature Hub
Green Heart of Kenya during the 31st Homes Expo at KICC

If you are looking to get closer to nature while still being connected to a vibrant and diverse community then Green Heart Village is the place to be. This project is owned and developed by Takaungu Regeneration Project Ltd and it sits on 750 acres of a diverse productive landscape that offers residential and commercial property, Agriculture and Forestry.

Located in Kilifi County on the coast of Kenya, the project is being developed as a mixed-use real estate asset to provide land and services to tenants and developers with the aim of creating 50 sustainable businesses, 500 homes and 5,000 jobs by 2030.

 For this dream to come true, Takaungu Regeneration Project has partnered with Fredrico Pirzio-Biroli, Angel Investor and Savo Project Developers.

Residential properties

Towards the end of last year, the Green Heart of Kenya launched the development of its two residential projects which is Green Heart of Kenya Village, Mvule Gardens and the Sanctuary.

a) The Green Heart Village

Green House Village is made up of 16 houses. The houses include a spacious one-bedroom house that lies on 1/8 acre of land, a two-bedroom house that sits on ¼ acre of land and a three-bedroom house that sits on a 1/3 acre of land. All these will provide you with comfort and modern luxurious finishing.

The houses are designed in a way that provides a natural flow of air and natural lighting. The houses' exteriors are also lined with vegetation which provides fresh airflow.

There are also amenities such as a children's play area, security, walking and cycling paths and access to a 100-acre green corridor which allows for easy access to a calm forest environment that the residents get to enjoy. This property is designed for family-friendly coastal living.

b) Mvule Gardens

Mvule Gardens is made for people who prefer a mix of countryside living combined with elements of urban living. The modern spacious and well-ventilated houses are affordable with modern technology and innovation which allows the owner to live peacefully in the neighborhood.

c) The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a 24-acre master-planned development with available plots for sale for those who would like to build their own homes. The prime plots which are surrounded by nature are located in a serene environment with proximity to amenities such as schools, roads, water and electricity.

Commercial property

In line with the sustainable development goals, the green heart of Kenya stands out the most by focusing on development that will not only improve the livelihoods of people but also protects and regenerate the environment.

The scheme which is nature-led that reconnects people to nature has the following commercial projects; the lighting industry, Warehouse and office Spaces.

 Agriculture and model farms

55 percent of the land has been reserved for regenerative agriculture. The land is used to pioneer a large-scale production of food, fiber, fuel and forest using integrated multi-crop regenerative systems that produce nutritious organic food, sustainable fuel sources and innovative building materials.

The Green Heart Village plans on partnering with external organizations to pilot a new way of growing their products using regenerative agriculture after which the methods will then be rolled out to smallholders and other farms around the region, thereby producing an outsized impact on their long term viability, health and climate resilience.

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