5 Tallest Buildings in Kenya

1. Britam Tower

Britam Tower

It is located on Hospital Road in Upper Hill, which is Nairobi's quickest developing business region. The Britam Tower is known for its crystal-like shape formed in glass. It stands at 200.1 m (656 ft) tall with 31 floors.

2. GTC Office tower

GTC Office tower

It is the tallest structure in Westlands locale. Situated along Wayiaki route inverse Chiromo path. It's the Chinese base camp in Africa. It is 184 m (604 ft) tall with 43 floors.

3. UAP Old Mutual Tower

UAP Old Mutual Tower

Finished out in 2016, the solid pinnacle was the tallest structure in Kenya and the third tallest in Africa until Britam Towers deposed it in 2017. It has 33 floors and is 163 m (535 ft) tall.

4. GTC Hotel Tower

GTC Hotel Tower

It is the second tallest structure in the GTC complex. It will house a five-star lodging worked by the Marriott association. Although it is stil under construction, the tower has 35 floors and stands tall at 143 m (469 ft).

5. Times Tower

Times Tower

The Times Tower, otherwise called the New Central Bank Tower, is an office tower in Nairobi, Kenya. At 140 meters (459 feet), it is the fifth tallest structure in Kenya. With 38 stories, alongside a 7-story banking intricate and an 11-split story vehicle leave, it is served by 10 lifts.