Airbnb, What's New?

As critics says, Airbnb's rise has come at a huge cost to urban life and cities across the planet.Many investors of Airbnb are those who have experienced this form of holiday accommodation method. Some decide to rent out their own rooms at home with just a little refurbishing and its own front door, one can enlist it on the accommodation sharing platform at the start of the yea

Airbnb,  What's New?

Airbnb can still allow you to reclaim your own room whenever your family or friends are staying at your place. Clients are not a problem. In case it is in a city or a busy town, from business travelers to adventurers, you can attract a wide range of clients. Airbnb offers a good atmosphere for those who like the home environment, and would not like to spend nights in chain hotels where the cost is significantly more for just a soulless room.

Joe Gebbie, Nathan Blecharyak and Brian Chesky, the founders of the website that was launched way back in 2008 had in mind different types of hosts. The website's main creative idea is to allow hosts to accommodate guests in their own house, for those who have spare rooms as long as they mention in the listing that it is a family home. 

One of the major complaints on Airbnb is that some residents from certain areas claim that Airbnb is creating some void in the community. Instances, where people come, live in your home for a long duration even tourists get imported to your community in large numbers.

For over the thirteen years Airbnb has been up, it has listed more than six million rooms, flats and houses. It has dwelled in more than 81 000 cities across the world and on average two million people have experienced Airbnb accommodation. With its biggest listing being London, Paris and New York. But it is now all over the globe, Kenya not excluded.