5 Jaw Dropping Malls in Kenya

What's better than shopping in a mall packed with breathtaking art? Well, how about shopping in a mall with breathtaking art, an equally breathtaking setting and a plethora of "breathtaking" facilities? Whether in Kenya for business or pleasure, these malls offer an adventure you do not want to miss. Here's a tip of the iceberg...

1. Two Rivers Mall

Two Rivers Mall

It is not only the biggest mall in Kenya but also in the entire East African region.

Worth $251M with a 55 diameter Ferris wheel that gives you the whole view of Nairobi,earning it the sobriquet, "The Eye of Kenya."

Two Rivers,as research has proven,is indeed cosmopolitan,alive and very bustling!

2. The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen

It is tucked just at the heart of Karen.Plausibly one of the most sophisticated malls in Nairobi and its entirety.

It comprises of over 85 retail stores which offer shopping,dining, entertainment and other lifestyle services(both local and international).

3. Garden City Mall

Garden City Mall

An architectural marvel located along The Thika Superhighway which is in close proximity to the CBD.
It offers plenty of stores featuring a surfeit of food and beverage outlets, fashion stores,health and beauty shops, banking services,children play areas and a massive grade A office space.

4. Westgate Mall

Westgate Mall

If you ever happen to be in Westlands, Nairobi,the 5-storey mall that houses over 90 stores is a place you should totally check out. Right from the top floor that contains a cinema with four screens to the many retail outlets in here.

5. The Junction Mall

The Junction Mall

Ever since 2004, it has been the go-to destination when in need of local merchandise. The main highlight is the Maasai market that happens every Thursday, upholding much of the Kenyan culture.It also hosts a lot of shopping events where people win fantastic prizes including cars.