Agricultural Real Estate Property in Kenya

Agriculture has led to the expansion and birth of different companies in Kenya leading to the progression of real estate properties in Kenya. The following are some of the Agriculture companies occupying huge chunks of land;

Agricultural Real Estate Property in Kenya
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KETEPA (Kenya Tea Packers)

It is a brand of tea in Kenya. It is the largest tea company in Kenya, which has been making tea since 1978. Its headquarters is in Kericho. It is the leading tea blending and packaging with over 50 products including black tea, flavored tea, green tea, purple tea, white tea, orthodox tea and herbal infusions. KETEPA is a subsidiary of Kenya Tea Development Agency Limited(KTDA) which is the largest small- scale farmer umbrella body in the world with over 650000 farmers and serves globally, with its net income being approximately 60 to 80 million.

Kenya Nut Company

Was founded in 1974 and has 2500 employees.  It operates seven farms on over 8000 acres with a complete production system that yields ready for sale products for both local and international markets. Kenya Nut Company began in the Kenyan highlands with a focus on macadamia and cashew nuts. It is one of the leading macadamia nut processors in the world. It is owned by Pius Ngugi Mbugua. Kenya Nut Company is the main exporter of macadamia nuts from Kenya. The company is located in Thika.

Delmonte Kenya

Funded in 1965 and is located in Thika. It is a food processing company that operates in the cultivation, production and canning of pineapple products. It produces canned solid pineapple juice concentrates, mill juice sugar and cattle feed. The company’s existence is of an advantage to the canned pineapple since it is the largest single manufactured export. Del monte was previously known as Kenya Canners formed in 1948. Del monte covers over 22000 acres of land with 50 employees in Thika location. The company generates 2.32 million net income.

Unga group

Its investments are in the business of flour milling and manufacturing of a human nutrition products and animal feeds. It has operations in both Kenya and Uganda. Its headquarters are located in Kenya with four mills in Eldoret, Nakuru and Mombasa. It is governed by a nine- person board of directors with Isabella Ochola Wilson serving as the chairperson and Nickson Hutchinson as the chief executive officer. The companies composing Unga group include;

  • Unga Investments Limited which has 100% shareholding. It is the Group’s investment holding company.
  • Unga Holdings Limited has 65% shareholding and is held through Unga Investments Limited. This is the group’s operating subsidiaries.
  • Unga Limited is located in Nairobi Kenya and has 100% shareholding. It deals with milling of maize and wheat for human consumption held through Unga Holdings Limited.
  • Unga Farm Care(East Africa) Limited. Located in Nairobi Kenya and has 100% shareholding. Deals with manufacture of animal nutrition products and distribution of animal health products. It is held through Unga Holdings Limited.
  • Unga Millers (Uganda) Limited is located in Kampala Uganda and has 100% shareholding of the company. It deals with milling of maize and wheat for human consumption and the distribution of animal health products. It is held through Unga Holdings Limited.
  • Ennsavalley Bakery Limited is located in Nairobi Kenya and has 52% shareholding. It is involved in baking and sale of cakes, bread and pastries held through Unga Holdings Limited.

The group’s largest shareholder, Victus Limited is associated with First Chartered Securities, a Kenyan investment company with interest in real estate, banking, farming and insurance.

Unga group has 586 employees in Nairobi location and generates 176.59 million in sales.

Brookside Dairy Limited

It is a dairy processing company in Kenya, the largest economy in East African community. The company offers fresh pasteurized milk, cream, butter, yoghurt, gee and long- life milk products in Indian Ocean islands, Rwanda and Burundi. It provides products through distribution depots, agents and sub agents to out lets in East Africa. Brookside Dairy Limited was founded in1993 and its headquarters are in Ruiru. It was established by members of Jomo Kenyatta family, including Uhuru Kenyatta. Brookside has expanded by buying stakes in rival milk processing plants in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uganda.

It has 328 total employees across all of its locations and generates 2.73 million in sales. It is ranked among 10 competitors.

Its branches include;

  • Ruiru Office, which is the main office in Thika Road opposite Kenyatta University.
  • Kampala Office, located in Kampala Uganda.
  • Arusha Office located in Arusha Tanzania.
  • Mwanza Office located in Mwanza Tanzania
  • Dar es salaam located in Dar es salaam Tanzania.

Brookside Dairy Limited was registered in Kenya. Its ownership is divided among the Kenyatta family, Danone and The Abraaj Group. Muhoho Kenyatta is the Executive Chairman and CEO of the company.

Kakuzi Limited

It is located in Thika. Kakuzi Limited is a fruit and tree nut farming industry. As an agricultural cultivation and manufacture company, its products include tea, avocados pineapples, blueberries and livestock. The company also carries out forestry operations. It covers 12000 Hectares of land with each of the portions divided among the crops being grown.  The avocado farm occupies 717 Hectares of land, macadamia 1026 Hectares, blueberries 10 Hectares which was initially planted in 2018, commercial forestry covering 154 Hectares and livestock being 4387 heard. Tea occupies 510 Hectares.

The main operation lead office for Kakuzi farm is located in Makuyu while the Tea estates in Nandi Hills. The net income for the company is approximately 713 million shillings with 2300 people being employed in the company for the last 10 years.

 Its subsidiaries include Estates Service Limited. Kakuzi’s majority shareholder is the British Company Camellia Plc. Its headquarters is in Nairobi.

East African Breweries Limited

Manufactures branded beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. It is a Kenyan based holding company. The group’s headquarters are located in Nairobi with subsidiaries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan. The group has distribution partners in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

It was founded in1922 as Kenya Breweries Limited by two white settlers, George and Charles Hurst. The company was owned by the Dedd family of Kenya.  Kenya Breweries Limited acquired Tanganyika based Tanganyika Breweries in 1935 and in 1936 these two companies were merged leading to rhe creation of the East African Breweries. The group continued to expand locally through opening of more breweries for example Mombasa brewery.

East African Breweries had 1653 employees in 2014 and earn up to 118.7 million from the beer products.

Its subsidiaries include;

  • Kenya Breweries Limited.
  • Uganda Breweries Limited.
  • United Breweries Limited.
  • United Distillers Vinters Limited.
  • International Distillers Uganda Limited.
  • East African Maltings Limited. (Kenya)
  • East African Maltings (Uganda)
  • Serengeti Breweries Limited.
  • East African Beverages South Sudan Limited.

The main brand of the company is Tusker.

Bidco Africa

Bidco Africa is the East Africa’s leading manufacturer of fast- moving consumer goods. It was previously Bidco Oil Refineries Limited. It is a multi- national consumer goods company headquarters is in Thika, with subsidiaries and distributorship across17 countries in East Africa, Central Africa and South Africa.

Bidco Africa products include edible oils, fats, margarine, laundry bars and detergents, personal care products, animal feeds and most recently food and beverages.

It was founded in 1970 by Bhimji Depar Shah. It also has manufacturing factories in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It was initially founded to manufacture garments and later ventured into soap production in 1985 and later into edible oil in 1991.

Bidco Africa has 25000 number of employees. It has over 40 bands.