9 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent as a Homebuyer

Many individuals have real estate questions that need crystal clear answers. Real estate concerns and questions cannot be answered vaguely without professional assistance. A real estate agent ensures you make the right investment decisions.

9 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent as a Homebuyer

Real estate agents are involved in areas such as selling property, buying homes, a title deed, insurance policy and solving real estate disputes. Knowing the right questions to ask can help you fix any real estate puzzle. These questions include:

  1. Location of the Property

The location of the property determines the sale value of the house. The location of the property also underlines the security feature. The wise real estate “advice” regarding the property’s location can quickly help you find buyers of the house and increase investment options of the infrastructure around the estate.

  1. Why does the Owner want to Sell the House or Property?

To avoid fraud, this question must be answered exhaustively. Additionally, make sure the property in question has a valid title deed and insurance. Is the property owner selling a house that has not been renovated fully? Knowing why the property is being sold gives you bargaining options to save finances for other real estate ventures.

  1. What are the Bills Like?

Many buyers forget bills because they value roof over their head and meals as the “only” essentials. Once you are able to sustain your bills, you’ll live comfortably. Bills such as water, security, rent and electricity are the basics of services that homeowners must honour diligently. If you can’t pay the bills consistently, do yourself a favour and don’t purchase the property.

  1. Can I Check the Water Pressure?

Water is life. Basically, water forms 99% of homes' operations on a daily basis. Checking water pressure and availability helps you to avoid plumbing issues that are costly.

  1. Who are your Neighbours?

This looks like the last resort of your security options but knowing your neighbours helps avert any likely security threat and dispute that could occur. Regarding security options in Kenya, we’ve seen the “Nyumba Kumi” Initiative in Kenya and other East African countries improve security to a whole new level.

  1. What are the Details of the Sale of Property?

Every detail of the property sale ensures the finances are worth the investment choices on offer. For example, if you are buying the house including appliances and furniture, chances are that the pricing of the house will be more expensive. Furthermore, will the sale of the property include renovation charges? Understanding the detail guides you to buy a house that you can confidently call your home.

  1. What is the Home Inspector’s Report?

The home inspector’s report gives the buyer the green light to purchase the property or look elsewhere. Home inspection looks into the details that an ordinary home buyer would overlook. The real estate agent and home inspector will give you a conclusive answer if buying the house or property solves your “home needs”.

  1. How Old is the Property?

Answering this question guides the buyer on whether the house has quality architectural design and quality construction, as the foundation done to professional building standards?

  1. Does the Property have a Back-up Generator and Additional Water Supply?

In instances of unavoidable water and electricity rationing, the question above comes in handy. For example, a back-up generator helps security features such as CCTV cameras to work even during electricity blackout thus curbing burglary and robbery. As mentioned earlier, water shortage really hampers home owner’s activities.

    The “perfect” real estate agents fulfill your dream home aspirations. Ask these questions critically.