10 Professionals You Need to Know in Real Estate Business

10 Professionals You Need to Know in Real Estate Business
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1.Real Estate Wholesaler

Want to sell your distressed land or you need to sell your land in an agency? You probably should look for a real estate wholesaler. These professionals major in buying distressed land that the owners are eager to sell. They then access the property's renovation needs and the after repair value and give the numbers to the investors showing them the profit the property will bring. After the processes,the property is later re-sold.

2.Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help people buy or sell properties. There are residential and commercial real estate agents.

a) Residential Real Estate Agent
These professionals facilitate the home buying process between the seller and the buyers.

b) Commercial Real Estate Agent
These are similar to the residential agents but deal with selling properties to businesses. They help you in working out the gross rent multipliers, capitalization rates, and internal rates of return.

3.Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker serves as an intermediary between the lender and the borrower. They analyze the mortgage loan and advise on loan availability, qualifications requirements, Interest rates,and terms and conditions.

4.Real Estate Attorney
When having an issue with your tittle deed, documentation and transfers or any other legal problem related to your land and property,an attorney will step in and help you settle the tension. Real Estate Attorneys will help you in the transaction process to ensure that the sale of a home is legal.

5.Real Estate Developer

If you have land that is idle and you have no financial means to put it into use,you might as well get into a contract with real estate developers. Real Estate Developers buy or lease land and build real estate properties on it. The real estate developer is responsible for planning and coordinating the construction of these buildings, financing it and bringing it a team to execute the plan.

6.Real Estate Inspector

These are trained and are familiar with the finner details of a house such as, roofing,wall structure, plumbing, electricity,just to name a few. They help examine and point out any unseen defects or issues that will cause future problems to a buyer,seller or an agent.

7.Real Estate Appraiser

These are professionals who will help you determine the value of a residential or commercial real estate, bases on the location, characteristics and by comparing it to other similar properties.

8.Real Estate Investor

Real estate investors are very important to real estate firms and companies. They are those who buy land or properties or invest money in a firm that is doing real estate projects with am aim of maximizing their profits and then sell their investments.

9.Property Manager
If you are a real estate investor, who invests passively or /and doesn't want to be hands on in managing the properties,you might consider hiring a property manager to take care of your investments.

A property manager ensures the financial and physical well-beingof the real estate property. In cases of investing in rental properties, The property manager works with the property owner to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the tenants are satisfied.

10.Real Estate Consultant
These ones are professionals that provide advice to real estate investors or companies looking to buy property.