9 Tips for Starting a Successful Kibanda Business in Kenya

Kibanda business is a lucrative business idea. Such kind of business helps do away with unemployment and poverty in society. The minimum capital requirement makes a Kibanda business an ideal business that any person can venture into.

9 Tips for Starting a Successful Kibanda Business in Kenya

Here are some of the tips on how to start a Kibanda business:

Carry out a market research

Get to know what kind of dishes are offered in the market currently and there you will be able to make the right decision on what you are going to offer on your menu.

Have a business plan

A business plan will be your blueprint for success in your business. Making a business plan shows that you are committed to succeeding in your business.

Focus on one or a few Dishes

Offer something new or compete with something already in the market. This is unlike restaurants where they offer a variety of meals. Nevertheless, ensure that you have sufficient resources to prepare your dishes.

Find a good location

In any real estate adventure, location is very important. Find a place where you are likely and will easily attract your customers. Kibanda business usually thrives near universities and colleges, near market areas and near bus stops. It is also important to look into the security of the place you are planning to begin your Kibanda business.

Register your business

Since Kibanda business is a public business, you are likely to have visits from business and health inspectors. For this reason, you will need to register your business. Get yourself a business license to avoid landing yourself in trouble.

Be excellent at customer service

Aside from products, as a Kibanda owner, you are also marketing your services. Ensure that your stuff are warm and friendly. People like being treated with warmth and in a friendly manner. This will attract more customers and thus will be a success on your side.

Maintain cleanliness

Dirty containers and poor packaging can be a turn off to the customers. Be careful with expiry dates of your products. Also, ensure that your surfaces are clean and conducive for people to eat. Cleanliness says a lot about your services.

Be reasonable with pricing

Make sure your prices are affordable. Get to know how other Kibandas are pricing their food and thereafter you will balance your pricing.

Be your number one customer

Sell something that you would love to eat yourself, offer services the way you would love to be offered,  and on the other hand put prices that you would be affordable if you were the customer. This way, you will know what makes your food products good.

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