Why Some Apartments don't Allow Tenants with Pets

You have probably heard or interacted with landlords who do not allow tenants to keep pets in their apartments. For pet lovers, this may be a challenge to tenants when looking for a rental apartment since some people view pets as family and leaving them behind may be hard for them. Well there are reasons why some landlords may not allow their tenants to keep pets and these reasons may include:

Why Some  Apartments don't Allow Tenants with Pets
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1. Noise

Noise from pets in particularly barking dogs may disturb the neighbors. Keeping noise at a manageable level may be a challenge especially where there are multiple pets (dogs, cats and birds) in the same apartment. To minimize this headache some landlords refuse to rent to pet owners

 2. Causing harm to other tenants.

Some pets like aggressive dogs may cause harm to other tenants and this may not provide a safe environment for every tenant due to fear of dog bites. Other people are also allergic to certain pets therefore allowing pets in apartments may cause discomfort to other tenants.  Landlords may also be made accountable for the aggressive pets in case they cause harm to the neighbors.

 3.Damage the house

Untrained pets may damage the furnishings, carpets and walls and this will add to the general cost of repairing the house plus it is often hard to trust a tenant with bringing animals where people live.


Pets may litter the compound therefore having them requires the owner to maintain a high level of hygiene. They need to be constantly groomed, bathed and not left to” poop” all over the highways as this can cause unpleasant odours that may build up in shared areas.

 5.Lack of enough space

Most apartments have little to no spaces that can accommodate these animals. Pets require a larger compound where they can jump and run around since keeping them inside the house may exacerbate property risk issues.

How landlords can manage tenants who have pets

           a.) Include a pet policy and address in the lease. This should be given to all the tenants including those who don’t have pets in the property since some tenants may decide to get pets later after moving in and make clear your expectations concerning situations when pets cause damage to your property. Also indicate to your tenants that you can also ask them to remove their pet if they do not comply with the policy. These policies should be made available in writing.

            b.)Charging pet fee. This will help cover up for potential damages in cases where the pets destroy your property. Tenants can be motivated in preventing damages caused by pets in a situation where the pet fee is refundable. 

Benefits of Renting to Tenants with Pets.

Higher rent

You are able to ask for a higher rent especially in neighborhood where most apartments do not allow pets. It also increases your market value since you will be able to attract tenants who have pets.

Longer stay

It may increase the possibility of a tenant to stay in your apartment for years since it will be a hustle to look for a place that accommodates them and their pets if your apartment provided them with one.


Tenants with pets are more likely to be responsible since taking care of pets needs time and attention. That will also translate to how the tenant will take care of your property.