Why Konza City will be the Best City in Kenya

the benefits that konza will bring to people of kenya

Why Konza City will be the Best City in Kenya

Konza is a small town in Makueni County, Kenya. It is 70 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. It is located in kKmutwa location of central division of Machakos municipality county. Konza is part of Machakos county and Machakos constituency.  Konza city sits on 5000 acres.

the Konza city was launched as a part of the economic pillar of Kenya vision 2030 development plan. Konza is expected to transform Kenya into Africa’s ICT hub, it also expected to reduce poverty and create many employment opportunities in Kenya and Africa in general. Konza city includes some large plans that will transform Kenya completely. These plans are;

  • Building of Lamu port and transport corridor to South Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • Construction of new road in the north of Kenya and the development of standard gauge system.

As we know, the world of today keeps advancing every day in terms of technology. The world has changed greatly because of technology and countries are putting more effort to go with and cope with technology. The purpose of Konza city project is to enhance Kenya’s information technology. 

Some of the benefits that Konza city technology will bring are;

  • It will create opportunities for local investors to invest
  • It will attract external investors
  • Supporting start-up incubation and creating jobs for the locals.
  • It expected to create massive trade and investments and millions of employment opportunities for young Kenyans in the ICT sectors.

The city is expected to use a total cost of Ksh 1.2 trillion before completion in 2030. The government of Kenya allocated an additional Ksh 6.3 billion in the 2020/2021 budget in June. The city will take 20 years to be built into a full city and so the 8 years are over and phase one of the project has attracted over 40% uptake by investors

 Main Impacts that Konza City will bring to Kenyan's Economy.

  • Both local and international

Konza is expected to attract both investments from local and international. These investors will set up new shops in this new smart city. As it stands now, the ground news revealed that 15 companies are ready to invest.

  • ICT education

Those who support the konza city have revealed that the techno city will foster innovation and startups by playing a large role in a number of research labs and incubation centers staffed by Kenyan innovators and entrepreneurs. Potential partnerships and local institutes of higher education are expected to bolster ICT education.

  • Employment opportunities

Konza is expected to solve the problem high level of poverty and the higher percentage of unemployment rates in Kenya. The city is expected to create about 200,000 new jobs in the ICT sector by 2030. Also, the foreign investors coming to invest in this city are expected to create millions of jobs for Kenya citizens.