Who are Millennial Homebuyers?

Millennials always seek a strong sensual community and will move into a neighbourhood full of friends and people who can connect with their vibes so well.

Who are Millennial Homebuyers?

The millennial period is often associated with life after the year 2000 clock however, it is the behaviour, taste and living standards that define who a millennial is. Most of the millennial home buyers make their first home purchase at the age of 29, before this, it's the student loans and finding stability that most of them crave to get off their back. In today's world, most graduates from the ages of 23 to 27 still depend on their families for financial support.

Millennials are in for a picture-perfect home something that has been accelerated with technology. They will go for what is unique and trending and can spend all their dime as long as they get what they want. The current property market should therefore strive to provide this; from apartments to well furnished renovated old homes. Realtors must keep up with the changing trends.

Millennials are researchers, with mobile phones being their source for any property information. Your online brand as a real estate agent must be strong to tap wondering Millennials who still are lousy and don't have a brand to trust. With the current low-interest rates, most Millennials are interested in securing a home as it seems to be the biggest investment of their time. Whether it's a new restaurant, apartment or a new mall, Millennials have it at their fingertips.

Marriage is slowly declining among the millennial generation, with researchers predicting that almost 25% of Millennials will not get married. This is information that should keep realtors on their toes as they know what to expect from their consumers. With such type of statistics exceeding any other generation, that's a clear reason that most of these Millennials prefer to buy homes and move in with their partners.

Millennials are seekers of a strong sensual community. They will move into a neighbourhood full of friends and people who can connect with their vibes so well. This has been the reason why some rich luxurious high-end apartments host ghosts just because the currently available tenants are not of their class.

Millennials are the cheapest generation. As a matter of post-world war recovery, it was the cars and houses in suburban areas that really uplifted the economy unlike now where Millennials have lost interest making the old folks have a cheap view of them. The current generation is generous and like the habit of sharing from cars, houses and land property is creating a pool of shares.

Edited by Skeeter Imisa