5 Types of Closets

In order to organize your space conveniently, one needs a closet system to make the storing, retrieving and organizing of your clothes and accessories easier.

5 Types of Closets

Reach-in Closet

It's the most popular type of closet. It provides a hanging space, spacious drawers and also spacious shelving. No matter your decision on how to arrange your outfits and accessories, it provides enough space to make it tidier and accessible.

On average it is at least 51 inches in width and 16 inches in depth making it fit in any closet type. One can also combine this type of closet system with other storage units to suit the storage needs. They also come with mesh drawers probably half the size of the other drawers for easy access to items like undergarments and socks.

Adjustable Closet with Little Seed System.

They are the best fit for children since they come with room for adjustability. It has essentials like a center tower containing drawers and cubbies but with added shoe shelf and clothing rod. It will cover all your storage needs, from folded clothes, shoes, toys and more. One of the merits is that it can be adjusted to various heights to meet your child's growth.

Walk-in Closet

One major advantage it comes with is that it never runs short of space and storage units. For those who have big bedroom space, this type of closet is a great way to make use of that space. On average a walk - closet measures a wall unit of 76 to 100 inches. They come with a wall-mounted track which has rails and also brackets that allows you to arrange how you like. It has extra 14 mesh bins.

Dotted Line Grid Closet

It contains four closet rods and three adjustable shelves. One can hang shirts, dresses, pants and more. It gives your closet a custom look and it's affordable being that it's constructed from a thermally fused laminate offered in a wide range of colours. However, they can chip over a long time of use but it can best fit your budget since it's cheap.

Rubbermaid Configuration Closet.

With a range of four to eight feet on its own, this type of closet is affordable and adjustable making it an easy fit for both small and big closet units. It can be on its own but can as well be combined with big closet units to fit a large closet.

The clothing rods it comes with are expandable and one can make the most out of their closet by arranging the storage units well. What keeps this closet system attached to the wall is a rail and bracket system. It is also easy to install and lock onto your walls but unlocking them can be quite difficult whenever you'd like to change the arrangement.