Best Cities and Towns to Stay while in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries that have many attractions that make it inviting to hundreds of visitors every day.  Visitors need to stay in the best places when in Kenya.

Best Cities and Towns to Stay while in Kenya
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Kenya is one of the countries that have many attractions that make it inviting to hundreds of visitors every day. Visitors need to stay in the best places when in Kenya. If you are planning to visit Kenya you need to read this article to get information about best places where you can stay while in Kenya. These places are the coolest zones to visit and most awesome things to do in this towns and cities.

  • Naivasha

Naivasha is a town that is located along Nairobi- Nakuru is one of the best towns in Kenya because it is a gateway to tourist attraction. It is full of top-rated hotels, restaurants, shopping joints and financial institutions. Also, Naivasha is an agricultural hub and that gives you the chance of getting and enjoying fresh food when staying in the town.

  • Machakos

Machakos is 65 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. Is one of the beautiful towns in Kenya. It is surrounded by hilly terrain on one side that makes it look more beautiful and more attractive. It has many hotels, financial institutions and open-air markets. The place also has many schools, colleges and universities for all people living in the area. The town is so peaceful and secure and its residents are very welcoming, polite and friendly.

  • Nyeri

Nyeri is located in the central of Kenya, 150 kilometers north of Nairobi. The town is well developed and has a good road network and reliable water and electricity supply systems. Nyeri is a major tourist attraction in central Kenya. The town has adequate entertainment joints and accommodation facilities and financial institutions.

  • Lamu

Lamu is located 340 kilometers northeast of Mombasa. Lamu is one the best town that is located in the coastal area. Do you know that Lamu is the oldest continually inhabited town in Kenya? it has attraction sites like lamu museum, Lamu port, the Donkey Sanctuary and the Riyadha mosque. This makes it be most attractive in the coastal region. The town has good hotels restaurants and entertainment.

  • Malindi

Malindi is located near the Galana River, 120 kilometers northeast of Mombasa. It has a well-developed transport system. It has an airport, and the Mombasa Lamu Highway runs through it. It has tourist attractions such as the pillar of Vasco Da Gama, Marine national park and beaches.

  • Eldoret

Eldoret is located to the southeast of the Cherangani hill in Western Kenya. Is the number five largest urban town in Kenya.  It is the center of the largest universities and hospitals in the country. It also has a well-developed transport system which includes the international airport and highway.  Visitors enjoy the spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley, which is home to stunning geographical features.

  • Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and one of Africa’s strongest financial centers. Nairobi is the home of many tourist attractions such as serene parks, wonderful animal sanctuaries and amazing museums.  Nairobi has a lot of accommodations like hotels, apartments, hostels and guesthouses. Also, Nairobi is the home of education because it has many schools, colleges and universities. so Nairobi is one of the best cities where you can live while touring Kenya.

  • Mombasa

Mombasa is located on the east coast of Kenya and is the largest city in Kenya after Nairobi. In terms of development, Mombasa is great, it has an international airport, seaport, Likoni ferry and Mombasa- Nairobi highway. It is full of tourist attractions such as spectacular beaches, national parks and wonderful cultural centers.

  • Kisumu

Kisumu is located in the greater Lake Victoria basin and is the number three city in Kenya. The major tourist attraction is Kisumu museum and Kisumu Impala sanctuary. It has an international airport, a good road network and well-established health centers. When staying in Kisumu you get a chance to tour Lake Victoria.

  • Nakuru

Nakuru is located 160 kilometers north of Nairobi. It is an agricultural, manufacturing, retail and tourism center. It has Lake Nakuru national park and the Rift Valley sports club located near the city. It is the home to many universities, health centers and accommodation facilities.