Dong Fang Restaurant: A feel of China in Lusaka

Dong Fang Restaurant: A feel of China in Lusaka
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The DONG FANG restaurant is situated in Lusaka's Longacres area, 5.5km from the central business district.

This restaurant offers a variety of Chinese foods and what makes this building stand out in Lusaka is the wording on the building, landscaping, and above all the roofing. 

The building can be identified as Chinese-owned at first sight with its touch of Chinese hip-and-gamble-styled roofing known as the Xieshan roof style which is not very common in Zambia, if at all it is found somewhere, you can be rest assured the place will be owned by a Chinese company.

It adds a Chinese look to the City of Lusaka and clearly gives an impression of the presence of the Chinese in Zambia.

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