Rural Versus Urban Living

Before acquiring a property in any location, it is necessary to put into consideration, the pros and cons of living upcountry and those of city living. This helps figure out the specific location that sites ones tastes and preferences.

Rural Versus Urban Living

Home in countryside and city always have varying levels of appeals in terms of lifestyles.

Rural living
The life in the country side, to many is a lifetime goal since there are many unique benefits in the country side that are absent in cities and towns.

The advantages of living in rural areas include;

Cheaper property
The cost of acquiring property is relatively low compared to a similar property or a smaller one in cities or towns. The demand of properties in rural areas is relatively low and therefore cheap prices for larger spaces unlike the expensive small spaced properties in towns and cities.

Low cost of living
The price of goods and services in the countryside is way cheaper due to the availability of raw materials. Big supermarket chains, for example, charge different prices for similar goods which is determined by its  location.

Availability of space
Country side properties are spacious and mostly have room for gardens which make them ideal for a growing family. It is the owner’s choice to decide on how to utilize their spaces. This promotes independence.

A stronger sense of a social setting
People living in rural areas interact more compared to those in urban areas. In urban centers people are busy undertaking activities which in many ways limit the level of interactivity.

Disadvantages of rural living 

  • Poor infrastructure
  • Inefficient and insufficient amenities
  • Lack of professional opportunities
  • High levels of poverty

Urban living

This is where people prefer to live in urban centers, towns and cities in general.

The advantages of living in urban areas include;

Better employment opportunities

Individuals who are career oriented prefer living in urban areas since there are many opportunities in companies most of which are not found in rural areas. In towns there are several career options since many firms are headquartered in urban centers.

Ease and ability of moving around
Robust infrastructural development in towns and urban areas ease the movement from one point to another as compared to the movement in the country side where there are limited means of public transport.

Access to variety of amenities
Urban living provides all amenities and services needed. Recreational facilities, educational facilities, health facilities, shopping centers are readily available as compared to rural areas. This ensures comfort for the urban residents.
A chance of getting where things take place
In towns and urban areas there are so many exciting cultural developments. Urban centers also harbor big events, cultural centers, museums, galleries among many other opportunities.

Disadvantages of urban living

  • Congested buildings for the utilization of the available space.
  • Overpopulation.
  • High cost of living.
  • Restricted parking spaces.
  • Traffic congestion.
     It’s therefore necessary to compare the two lives before deciding on what area to acquire a property either in the rural or urban centers, putting into consideration the taste and preferences of the potential owner.