5 Mansions Owned By Akothee, One of Kenya's Top Female Artist [Photos]

Investing in Real Estate is a lucrative venture and at the same time satisfying, Kenya’s Top Female Artist Esther Akoth aka Akothee has mastered this art well and she has not shied off from sharing with her fans the homes that she owns in different places.

5 Mansions Owned By Akothee, One of Kenya's Top Female Artist [Photos]
Akothee (photo courtesy)

Akothee through her Instagram shared that owning a home is not just hype for it is a getaway for long-term and short-term financial success.

She said that through Home Equity or fair market value which increases over time, you are able to build your personal wealth based on the renovations that you make to your home to suit the real estate market.

The singer opined that any investment you pump into your home is not lost and that when you build a home you have to maintain it in order to increase its value.

Expensive Homes owned by Akothee

Mansion in Rongo

The high-end mansion is located in Migori County and it approximately costs around Ksh.100 million. The Rongo mansion is the singer's retirement home.

The interior of the house is properly designed with furniture, a big living room and sizable bathrooms.

The home also has a lavish swimming pool and a resting gazebo.


Bungalow in Mombasa

The Mombasa house costs about 120 million. The 16 bedroomed house enjoys a good breeze and besides that, the house is equipped with required facilities. The celebrated Kiss FM presenter, Felix Odiwuor, also known as Jalango narrated his experience in the singer’s house when he visited the coastal region.

Jalango stated that when he landed in Mombasa she informed the singer and she warned him not to book a hotel for she has 16 bedrooms in her private beach house in Mombasa, each suited with 12 towels, 15 bedsheets, a private chef and the list is endless.


Nairobi home

Which is estimated to be worth Ksh. 80 million. After living in Mombasa for 9 years the singer decided to relocate to the posh home in the Country's Capital.


Switzerland House

The four-bedroomed house is located in Switzerland. In a past interview with the Daily Nation Akothee boasted that she has two mansions in Switzerland, one in Zurich and another one in Lugano. The singer also mentioned that American-born Swiss singer, Tiner Tuner who she looks up to, is her neighbor in Lugano Switzerland and that she used to perform her song 'simply the Best' at Karaoke's when she was starting out.


 Morning Star Diani Hotel

The singer is also into the hotel business and owns a 3-star accommodation in Diani, which is a top spot for tourists in Kenya both domestic and international.

 Edited by Emomeri Maryanne