Real Estate Companies Owned by Chris Kirubi

Real Estate Companies Owned by Chris Kirubi
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Billionaire Chris Kirubi has died on Monday , 14th 2021, after a long battle with colon cancer. The tycoon was an exemplary Kenyan entrepreneur and has greatly contributed to the region's real estate industry.

Born from a humble background, the entreprenuer began his real estate journey by purchasing neglected buildings, refurbishing, and later selling the renovated structures. He also began by acquiring strategic pieces of land in Nairobi or around Nairobi where he established residential and commercial properties using loans that he received from banks.

Over time, the tycoon was able to grow his sphere of influence and so did his success in establishing business enterprises. Some of the real estate and investment companies owned by Kirubi included:

Haco Tiger Industry Limited

Chris Kirubi acquired a sum of 100 percent Haco Industries, a Kenyan subsidiary of a Dutch trading house, and expanded the company from an American distributor and British Brands to a Loading Indigenous manufacturer of customer products which include TCB and palms hair and products.

In 2008 Haco, formed a joint venture with Tiger brands which is one of South Africa's largest food manufactures.

Two Rivers Mall Centrum Investments

Centum Investment had a 58.3 percent stake in Two Rivers Mall, one of the largest Malls in Kenya that has attracted thousands of Kenyans, that sits on 100 acres of land in blossoming subs of Nyari, Gigiri, Muthaiga, and Runda. The billionaire businessman, Chris Kirubi was a major shareholder and director of Centum

UAP Insurance                                                     

He is the largest individual shareholder in UAP Insurance which is the third Largest Insurance Company in East Africa.

Capital Media Group

He is the owner of the broadcasting firm, Capital media group that runs Capital FM and Capital News website. Kirubi revived Capital FM, a business that was on the verge of collapsing, with proper management he employed young presenters which made capital FM become a renowned radio station in Kenya.

Nairobi Bottles

He was the head of Nairobi Bottles, a local franchise of coca-cola and in 2019, his company Centrum announced that it had completed its business shareholding in Almasi Beverages and Nairobi Bottlers to Coca-Cola Sabco East Africa which later saw Coca-Cola Sabco East Africa pay Centrum shs.19.4 billion.

Bayer East Africa

The late Kirubi had 45 percent of agrochemical firm Bayer East Africa. A firm that is valued at sh.6.2 trillion was set as a merger with the local subsidiary of Monsanto as part of an international transaction.

International House

He is the owner of international House, which is located in Nairobi's CBD, this is one of his iconic investments.

In an interview with BiznaKenya, Kirubi narrated how he started off as a salesperson for an Insurance Company known as International House Limited which he later acquired its headquarters when they decided to close down their offices in Kenya. The property that he mentioned was his foundation.

DHL Enter

Kirubi is the owner of DHL Kenya, which is a global logistics firm, with over 220 countries' presence and territories worldwide. Particularly in sea and airmail.