Pameja, a Place Away from Home

Pameja, a Place Away from Home
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Growth is a stage of life that everyone will go through and when that time comes, you will find yourself away from home with the aim of achieving your goals and Pamela is that place. Here is a glimpse of why it is a place away from home.

The Pameja building is located in east Africa, specifically in the country of Uganda, in MukonoDistrict, near the Uganda Christian University (UCU); approximately a 25.5 km driveway to Kampala, the capital city.

The name Pameja is a combination of Patrick, Mercy, and Justine; meaning the father, mother, and the child; it is a family-owned business building that accommodates students of Uganda Christian University; it has rules and regulations that protect students as said by the manager Robert Murangizi. And if you are a student in Mukono-Uganda who values ​​security and cleanness, Pameja is the place for you.

The moment you enter the compound, you are amazed by the white color of the building, well tarmacked inside, and the neatness of the building. Simple but attractive from the inside and out.

Rooms are colored in whites, some rooms have chocolate and others white square floor tiles with some square-ish design that makes the room zazzy flashy, and well-furnished for students.

The domicile is appreciated not only by the parents but also by the students because it makes them feel at home as said by a student from the Democratic Republic of Congo Natasha Chambu.

"The moment I reached Pameja, I was not feeling homesick because I was warmly welcomed by the manager and the custodian and at the same time the building's choice of color that reminds me of my home back in Congo." She said.

Pameja’sdesign is a squared building with a roof that has a small rectangular transparent roof that brings natural light to the third floor stairs. The construction plan was approved by an engineer who is registered by the government because in Uganda when building apartments, hostels, etc. the plan of the construction must be approved by the engineers who are recognized by the government. And even if it is private land, there are some taxes that you need to pay said Robert Murangizi.

The building with three floors named by alphabet, A is the ground floor, B the first flour, C is the second floor, and D is the third floor. And the moment you are on the balcony of the third floor, you can have a good scenery view depending on the side you are on.

Chambuadded reasons why she calls it a place away from home because she left her family in another country and came here without knowing anyone that made her feel left out. However, the moment she reached Pameja, all her fear of insecurity disappeared since there are compound fences and at the same time she was driven away by the view because she can see all sides of Mukono depending on where she is.

On the other hand, NabugwereFiona's sadness and stress used to be driven away with small stickers that were set in her room that shine at night like a star that shines that brings happiness. And accept it as a beautiful place away from home.