Naivasha Hotels and Resorts to Boom Following the 2021 Safari Rally Race

Hotels in Naivasha are experiencing a peak period following the safari rally race that is being hosted this weekend. The motor racing meant for rally cars is to last for four days starting 24th of June 2021 to the 27th of the same month.

Naivasha Hotels and Resorts to Boom Following the  2021 Safari Rally Race

This is the second  Safari Rally to be held in Kenya after the 1953 East African Safari Rally, that celebrated the  coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Though the safari rally has evolved to fit the modern day World Rally Championship (WRC), the challenges of unpredictable weather and closed roads still remain posted. Naivasha however seems to be the best place to be this weekend, with about 119 hotels that are unique and have an atmosphere of its own. 

Organizers of the events, motorsports enthusiasts and government officials have already trooped into the town residing somewhere in these hotels, resorts,apartment and private villas.Just like any other business, the prices are now a take or leave due to the many customers in the area. The cost of residence has also gone up. These highlights the impact of the iconic event, that has returned after 19 years.

With an expectation of over 10000 international visitors and 30,000 local visitors, hotel managers have to get the facilities cleaned up and prices posted on the entrance. The event that not only will boost the state's economy at large, will also be a benefit to the business men and women in this town.

Edited by Pendo Setim