Mixed-use Development in Kenya

Kenya’s real estate industry has become a centre of evolution over a period of time. The increased desire to access various services in close proximity has resulted in an increase in the establishment of properties that have multiple uses. Such constructions are not only rampant in the urban areas but also in the new thriving suburban areas.

Mixed-use Development in Kenya
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Mixed-use development is the incorporation of various utilizations in one property. It describes developments that blend two or more distinct uses. A property may be established to accommodate various types of uses such as commercial, residential, office, retail among other uses within a single property.

For real estate investors, mixed-use development combines the benefits of the various property types in one space. On the other hand, to the home buyers, it is an opportunity to access almost all services around the residential space hence saving on energy.

Most storey buildings in towns and suburban locations are constructed to provide residential rooms, office spaces, commercial rooms among other property uses. An estate is another example of mixed-use development. It can accommodate residential rooms as well as commercial rooms. Office rooms could also be available in estates. 

A gated community is also an example of a mixed development. In such properties, there are shop spaces, residential properties, social amenities such as schools and hospitals among others are enclosed in the same locality. 

The common features of mixed-use developments include but are not limited to spacious outdoors with desirable plazas, well-enhanced infrastructures like roads, electricity and water, proximity to social amenities. 

In conclusion, with the rise in mixed-use development, there is a necessity for proper planning which will ensure that the most relevant social amenities are not overlooked. The affordability and quality should be the motivators of such projects.

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne