Kalonzo Musyoka and Yatta Land

In every election campaign season, wiper party leader Kalanzo Musyoka has found himself in the mouth of his political rivals relating to grabbing the Yatta land claims.

Kalonzo Musyoka and Yatta Land
Photo/ Courtesy of twitter

The Yatta land grab claims have for decades become political baggage for Wiper leader Kalanzo Musyoka. The 200-acre land has been used to bring him down politically.

As we are about to get to the 2022 election, the allegations have resurfaced again. Kalonzo's political rivals, led by Deputy President William Ruto have raised the question about the ownership of Yatta land. Many people think that this is a move by Dr. William Ruto to derail Kalonzo's campaign for the presidential bid.

In 2017, during the presidential campaign, some of the jubilee leaders accused Kalonzo of illegally acquiring Yatta land, claims that Kalonzo repeatedly denied.

This year, we saw Kalonzo presenting himself to DCI headquarters with papers showing how he acquired the land following claims that he had grabbed it from the national youth service.

Despite the noises we are hearing from politicians, we can't prove that Kalonzo grabbed Yatta land, but the question to ask is, why Kalonzo and Yatta land every other time? These politicians know themselves very well and they are aware of who grabbed land and when they grabbed it.

Another question for Kalonzo is, why did he decide to go to DCI and not the EACC that handles corruption matters? Can a suspect choose who to investigate him? One Kenya journalist said, " Don't listen to what politicians say but listen to what they haven't said."

Edited by Emomeri Maryanne