External Paint Maintenance Tips to Freshen up your Paint Job

Re-painting costs in homes are something homeowners avoid at all costs. They try to maintain their paints to extend their life span. Here are some external maintenance tips to freshen up your paint work;

External Paint Maintenance Tips to Freshen up your Paint Job

1.Frequent Maintenance 

Maintaining the exterior part of your house is dependent on the material you are using or the surface you are Painting, for example paints on plastered walls last longer than paints on wooden surfaces thus a person with plastered walls is likely to have less repainting costs than a person with wooden walls. Homeowners are also encouraged to annually wash their walls to avoid build-up dirt. People living in less harsh climates are likely to repaint a lot less often than those who live in harsh climates.

2.Dealing with Emergence of Mildew and Mold 

Infestation of molds and mildew is common in homes, especially in moist and warm areas like the backyards. They are harmful to our Health and homeowners are advised to eliminate them as soon as they emerge. They are advised to first solve the moisture problems and identify the damp areas to get rid of the molds.

They are also advised to repair leaking pipes and surfaces to avoid moisture, to clear gutters for easier drainage of water and to continuously inspect the house to check for its growth. Also, when the mold infestation is intense, they are advised to consult a professional.

3.Two-finish Coat System 

It is also called a three-coat system which means you put two finish coats on areas you have problems with, for example, window seals. One is advised to first start with a primer paint that is of high quality and then followed by two coats of finish. This extra prevention will save you a lot of unnecessary repainting costs caused by different factors like rain, sun, wind and others.

4.Doing pressure washing once in a while 

It is usually done five to six years after the initial paint job. This is intense washing to remove build-up dirt present in external walls. Homeowners are advised to do the normal pressure washing using a soft brush and a garden hose because high-pressure washing might damage your paint finish. They are also advised to ask professionals about their types of paints first before they engage in pressure washing.

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne