Real Estate Investing: A journey to financial freedom

A review of Gary Keller, Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan's book, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Investing: A journey to financial freedom

Real Estate Investing: A journey to financial freedom

Have you ever imagined seeing yourself in the world of real estate investors, walking through the path of making inestimable wealth and unimaginable landmarks in the alley of fortune? Do you ever think of using a road map to treading the path of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor? Gary Keller, Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan have made the dream come true, by unearthing knowledgeable knowledge in a well-detailed book, christened "The Millionaire real estate investor."

In their book, "The path of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a progression through four stages. First, you must learn to think a million (think like a millionaire real estate investor) before you make your first move. Learning to think like a millionaire real estate investor will give you the greatest chance of becoming one.

The next step is to buy a million. Buy a million applies the power of criteria, terms and networks to launch your career in investing. The next stage is own a million. It may involve selling, trading up or exchanging. Set your sight on having an equity position of a million dollars or more in your properties. The last stage of growth for a millionaire real estate investor is to receive a Million. Receive a million is when you are in a position to receive an annual income of a million dollars from your investments."

It's an undeniable fact that the book unearths the truth that connects to investing in real estate. It leads readers to build the right mindset for real estate investing. The book has 434 pages, and it's also divided into three distinct but interwoven parts with diagrams for illustrations and examples for ease of comprehension.

The millionaire mountain logo on the cover of the book symbolizes the power of thinking big. It comes from a discussion of climbing Mount Everest which the authors sometimes use to illustrate the path of high achievement by going after big audacious plans.

Irrefragable, it's a valuable book for both beginners in land investing and people who already own a property or two. It presents guidance from over 100 successful investors, including insight on how to: build the proper mindset for land investing; identify good investment opportunities; make the key points of real estate transactions work in your favour and build a strong team you can rely on.

It is worth noting that the book is about three interconnected things; making money by investing in real estate. The triad reveals an untold secret that one of the best avenues to having financial wealth that is truly accessible to anyone is to invest in real estate. 

Another catchy part of the book is the five basic models that stand out in the realm of real estate investing, gotten from research and experiences of over 100 interviewed millionaire real estate investors. The Net Worth, Financial, Network, Lead Generation and Acquisition models were exhaustively
demystified by the authors, for investors to apply in their wealth-building pursuit.

The book also explores some generally useful financial topics like the way to track and manage your finances and build a robust network you'll leverage to seek out new opportunities. Overall, it’s an important read for anyone curious about building wealth through land. It's a journey of great merit, it can be your journey too, the choice is yours.

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne