Instagram Stories; Creative Ideas for Real Estate Agents

The world is evolving and with the widespread use of technology in different fields, change is inevitable.

Instagram Stories; Creative Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Currently, Instagram stories have viewers of about 500 million in a day. In addition, are now available on Facebook hence no need to repost. With social media being widely used as a marketing tool, the feature that initially threw businesses for a loop now is a great tool for a showcase of your real estate brand.

1.Market updates

Instagram stories allow for active interaction with your followers. People often have a lot of questions about what's happening in real estate and that is where Instagram stories can be put into use. As a real estate agent, one can keep their followers updated about the current trends, control the narrative and keep them informed.

One of the ways to achieve this is by doing a weekly snapshot of what is taking place in the local market if the prices for homes that are up on sale are steady or there is a fluctuation, the demand for house accommodations are high or low or even if buyers are flocking the market. All these topics can be a great way to cover and move hesitant buyers and sellers off the fence.

2.Behind the scenes listing

With Instagram's ability to create your own virtual tour minus the hectic tasks of going through editing software and a strenuous shooting duration, here is a great opportunity that enables a real estate agent to do a behind the scenes of a home or a property that has been listed.

You need to begin by letting your followers know that you are doing a behind the scene coverage of a home or a property in advance or before going live if is not recorded, or even keep it as a tagged pin on your live tour so that anyone joining the live video coverage will know and you'll be able to catch their attention.

Also, try and build the hype a couple of days before by talking about your favorite features or even giving your audience a sneak peek of what to reside in that property is like.


It is a great way to know what your followers are like and this is where a real estate agent makes good use of the polls as a feature on Instagram stories as it allows you to have fun and show off your personality as an agent in the property market.

It is also a creative idea to show off the properties on the listing without appearing like your main intention is to sell the property which in itself is a good marketing strategy, considering  Instagram is more about socializing and having fun and one should not forget that.

In a case where you have a property with a beautiful interior, you can show it off to your viewers and actually alert them that you are selling off that property Who knows your next potential buyer could be someone on your Instagram story viewers.

All in all Instagram just like any other tool is a great way to connect with your audience in a more authentic way. In today's societies, most consumers would like to see the human behind the brands and that is a good reason enough for the current real estate agents to do more than just opening and closing property deals.

Edited by Skeeter Imisa