6 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Home with a Pool

There are a number of things that homeowners who intend to purchase homes that have pools need to be aware of. In this article, we have covered the factors that you need to be aware of.

6 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Home with a Pool

A swimming pool is an important asset for any luxurious home that home buyers are likely to purchase.

Additionally, a swimming pool is crucial for exercise, stress relief, better sleeping patterns, and aqua therapy which is the physical therapy underwater to reduce strain on your body.

Before purchasing the property, ensure the swimming pool is in good condition. A pool in bad condition will incur expensive costs for refurbishment.

The factors that you need to know when purchasing a home with a pool include:

1. Pools require regular cleaning and work

Pool maintenance is of the utmost priority. Poor maintenance can result in an unhealthy environment which would result in diseases.

Maintenance of the pool is in areas such as the pool deck, occasional repairs, testing, treating of the pool, and shocking the pool water. A healthy environment will result in healthier swimming patterns.

Furthermore, it is advisable that the homeowner hires a pool service company, making the pool ownership and maintenance a more accessible and more manageable task.

2. Pools can contribute to good health

Pools improve cardiovascular health. As mentioned prior, aqua therapy helps reduce physical strain on your body. Additionally, swimming reduces stress and enhances beneficial mental health.

Swimming, being a low-impact exercise improves flexibility. Kids practicing swimming and participating in swimming competitions later in their lives can bring honor to their parents and earn a decent income from their winnings. No wonder swimming in Commonwealth games and Olympics is such a big deal.

3. Your electricity bill will go up

In ownership of the swimming pool, electricity should be abundant. In areas where electricity rationing is rampant, a generator for electricity backup is essential.

On the other side of the coin, electricity bills would normally increase. To regulate the electricity bill, determine how often you’ll use the pool. It goes without mentioning but sometimes the estate where you reside would generally mean electricity bills are expensive or unbearable.

4. Pools can present unforeseen dangers

First, ensure pools are out of bound to unsupervised children. Responsibility for the pool area is a prerogative of the homeowner and the assigned pool trainer. Pool safety must be taught to members of the residence. It is way better to incur training costs and safety protocol measures expense than wallow in injuries that are irreparable and in some terrible instances, lives have been lost. Stay vigilant so that drowning will be a thing of the past.

5. Your property value may rise

A well-maintained pool will in a way “skyrocket” the property value. For example, if the homeowners used the pool area as an entertainment spot or a family gathering event location, the value would rise.

On the flip side, if the prospective new homeowners want to get rid of the pool due to the current weather patterns or the inherent dangers caused by “owning” a pool, then the value of the property will diminish.

To be safe as the homeowner, ensure the swimming pool can generate revenue for the clients or the pool in itself is an attractive selling point of the property as a whole. 

6. Insurance rates are higher

Insurance is a great safety net against dangers and injuries caused by swimming accidents. Insurance rates will be higher due to the “seriousness” of injuries and accidents in the pool. Accidental injuries that are irreparable would mean the insurance rates are higher to cover medical expenses and offer some form of “comfort” to victims of the pool accidents.

In essence, you don’t insure the “swimming pool” but you “cover” all the beneficiaries who will one time or another use the pool.

In buying a property, swimming pool safety should not be taken for granted. Pool maintenance should be regular.

All the health benefits that are found in swimming will be realized when pool safety is a priority and not a secondary need.

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