Top 10 Most Affordable Estates To Live In Nairobi

This article highlights some of the estates with the safest and more affordable houses in Nairobi while highlighting the rental rates in each of them.

Top 10 Most Affordable Estates To Live In Nairobi

Kenyans who have just moved to Nairobi might find it hard to get a decent and affordable house whose rent can match their salary, as housing in the capital city is a crisis.

Many of the city dwellers have lamented over the overpriced rental rates that are crippling their financial muscle.

While looking for a place to live in, the most important factor to consider would be location, security and accessibility of the area.

This article highlights some of the estates with safest and more affordable houses in Nairobi while highlighting the rental rates in each estate.

1. Imara Daima

Imara Daima is located in Embakasi South Constituency and it borders Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, an Inland Container Deport (ICD) which is managed by the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), good road, and a railway station.

Most people prefer living in this estate and one can get a good spacious house at a very affordable price. This area is ideal for middle class employees and businessmen who are just starting up their lives. One bedroom unit goes for about Ksh. 13,000 –Ksh. 21,000,while bedsitter goes for Ksh. 7,000 – Ksh.12,000 and a single room goes for about Ksh. 3,500-Ksh. 2,000.

The estate also has shopping centers such as South field shopping malls and several mini supermarkets. For fresh farm products, Kwa Njenga Market is just nearby.

Residents living in Imara Daima are guaranteed maximum security since most apartments in this area have CCTV cameras installed. There are also two police stations; Imara Daima Police Post and Villa Franka Police post where one can report incidence of insecurity.

Neighboring schools include Riara Group of schools, Saint Bakhita Primary, MCC Public Primary and many others.

2. Embakasi

It used to be the most liked estate by most nairobians due to its security, and relatively cheap houses. The estate is also a home to most Kenyan celebrities.

It borders South C and South B and it contains one third of Nairobi’s Industrial Area and Export Processing Zones. Kenya Airways and Jet Link Express also have their headquarters located in Embakasi.

One bedroom houses ranges from Ksh.10,000 - Ksh.15,000 while bedsitter is Ksh.6, 500 - Ksh.10,000 while bedsitter Ksh.6, 500 - Ksh.10,000.

3. Kahawa west

Kahawa west borders Kiambu and Nairobi County and it is located along Thika Superhighway.

This estate also has affordable houses as one bedroom in this area is about Ksh. 7,000 - Ksh.14,000, while for a bedsitter you can get at Ksh. 4,000 - Ksh.9,000.

It has schools nearby such as Green cottage Academy, Marion school among others and shopping malls where residents can visit.

4. Kasarani

This estate is associated with one of the largest sports complex in the country, Kasarani Stadium. It is located on the north eastern side of Nairobi, off Thika superhighway.

The estate is a decent place to live for people who are just starting out their lives or for those with young and large families.

It is has all sorts of housing ranging single rooms, bedsitters in apartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms. There are also maisonettes organized in courts and small gated communities. Most are rentals but there are a significant number of owner occupied homes.

One bedroom unit goes for about 10,000 -18,000 while bedsitter is ranges from 6,500 to 9,000.

The estate is also ideal for people who are working in the CBD ,as the road normally has less traffic, and it takes just about 20 minutes from CBD.

Kasarani extends from the Roysambu  roundabout up to Mwiki and it consist of several sub-estates which are named from the matatu stages which include ;ICIPE, Sports view, Naivas, Equity, Magorofani, Hunters,Sunton,Garage and Maji Mazuri.

Health Centers in the estate include St.Francis Hospital and many other private clinics such as Penda Medical Centre, Radiant and Kasarani Maternity.

The estate has adequate security as it has Kasarani Police station, Mwiki police station and Sunton Police Station.

5. Roysambu

Roysambu is located along Thika Super Highway and it is a home to all kinds of people from working class, upcoming middle income and fresh graduates who have already been absorbed into the job markets reside here.

Besides housing the ordinary Kenyans, the area is also home to foreigners from Nigeria, Congo and Rwanda. A bedsitter in this place goes for about Ksh. 8,000 while one bedroom is Ksh. 15,000 monthly.

6. Lang’ata

Lang’ata  borders Kibera slum and has many recreational areas near the estate such as the Nairobi National park.

In Otiende area in Langata a one bedroom apartment goes for about 12,000 to 18,000 other estates in Lang’ata include Onyonka, Ngei Estate, Southlands, Nairobi Dam, and Rubai.

Restaurants and shopping malls such as Clean shelf and Lang’ata shopping Centre are just nearby.

Lang’ata hospital, Avenue Healthcare Langata Clinic, St.Mary’s Mission Hospital are some of the medical centers in the estate.

It is also close to many eateries such as Carnivore Restaurant. It is famous for hosting several themed nights and concerts, for both local and international artist.

The restaurant also offers a variety of meat like crocodile meat, ostrich, snake, lamb, pork, camel and chicken. Other eateries include Airport Lounge, Barrels pub, Chicken Inn, Food Solace and Java House.

Wilson Airport, Lang’ata Road Primary school, Soweto Academy, and Don Bosco Primary School are found in this area.

7. Rongai

Rongai is 25 kilometers from the CBD and if you are looking for a cheap house then you should consider this place.

A single room costs Ksh.3,500, a bedsitter Ksh.6,000, a spacious one bedroom house in Rongai costs about KSh.8, 000-10,000, a two bedroom  cost Ksh. 12,000, while a three bedroom cost about Ksh.15,000

Learning institutions such as Multi-media University and Co-operative University of Kenya among other institutions are near the Estate. There are many shopping malls and several recreational centers in the place.

8. Ruaka

Located in North West of Nairobi at the Western end of the Northern Bypass.

Houses in this estate are quite affordable although the presence of Two Rivers Mall has made the rental prices to go up since many people are relocating here.

A bedsitter in this area would cost 7,000-10,000 and a one bedroom unit goes for about Sh.15, 000-Sh.20, 000 a month.

9. Buru Buru

The Estate was built for middle-income people during 1970s and 1980s and was initially occupied by government officials and Kenya business people.

Buru Buru estate was built to abandon rental housing policy in favor of home ownership through tenant purchase and programs. The program was which was based in five phases took 10 years to compete in 1983.

You can find one-bedroom from Ksh.12,000 to Ksh 20,000.

10. Kangemi and Uthiru

The estates are located along Waiyaki way and mostly accommodates middle and low income class. One bedroom goes for 8,000 to 13,000 while a bedsitter will go for Ksh.4,000 to Ksh 8,000.

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