5 Realities Real Estate Investors are Oblivious Of

Does the idea of investing in real estate still petrify, panic strike or even make you jump out of your wits? Well,research states that it is the biggest investment you can make today. Renowned billionaire Andrew Carnage also confesses that 90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate. This is why..

5  Realities Real Estate Investors are Oblivious Of
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1.You can always start small with real estate
Contrary to popular belief,you don't have to invest big to start making money with real estate.
Since it's a bankable asset,you can always leverage it.For instance,putting down as low as 15% is more than enough as you can still use banks' money to grow your investment. Makes it a much more interesting option than traditional stocks and bonds.

2.Holidays are the perfect time to invest in Real Estate
As we all know, 'Timing is everything'.
Savvy investors and industry experts believe that the best time to invest is during holidays as negotiation is easier to conduct when the sense of goodwill is high. 
As a result, sellers are more likely to cave in and the likelihood of landing a good deal is very imminent.

3.Real Estate Investments will pay off your loan
Renting an investment property will always be able to generate enough income to pay off your debt gradually.

This is like killing two birds with one stone: tenants are not only helping you build your wealth but also your equity with each monthly payment they make. How amazing!

4.Real Estate comes with incredible tax benefits
This is because you don't have to pay taxes on your gain from investment properties.

Imagine  being able to get a tax break of upto 
a $250,000 as an individual and $500,000 as a married couple?

5.You can invest in land that produces income with Real Estate
No matter what kind of business you run,there's one thing you'll always need land!
Investing in real estate allows you to protect yourself and your wealth. While its market has shot high and dwindled,it has never declined over time. This only makes one thing clear...You will always get value!

There is no better place to park your money than real estate because when you invest in your surroundings, you invest in yourself.