Why Raila Odinga is the Richest Politician in Kenya

Why Raila Odinga  is the Richest Politician in Kenya

             Kenya's former prime minister Raila Odinga is said to be the oldest politician in Kenya. He is said to have known the whole history of Kenya since independence. It is also being said that the politician contributed to building Kenya in terms of Democracy and Leadership. The politician has been on the opposition side for the longest time hence gaining himself a huge following in and outside the country. He inherited his political career from his late father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who was also the leader of the opposition after Kenya's independence.

            The first politicians in Kenya after independence are approximated to be the wealthiest people in Kenya. They own large tracks of land and other natural resources. Their wealth can not be traced clearly but it is assumed that most of them acquired their wealth by landing on the European settler's properties after independence. Large tracks of land and other expensive properties were being grabbed by Kenyan politicians after independence. Since independence, the value of the properties has continually increased due to the rapid rise of population and increase in demand.

            Raila Odinga is approximated to be the wealthiest politician in Kenya possessing the most expensive properties in Kenya. Unlike other politicians who boast over their wealth, Raila Odinga is a good example of the most successful politicians in Kenya.