World’s First 3D-Printed School Built in Africa

As the population of pupils and students grows in Africa, so does the need for more classrooms. Africa has become the first continent to have a 3D-printed school.

(Video courtesy of Holcim)

Millions of children in African sit under trees and study in hazardous environments because of the lack of proper classrooms. The classrooms are overcrowded while some are not well maintained and therefore pose a threat to children.

With the first 3D printed school already built in Salima, Malawi, the issue of shortage of classrooms will be addressed. The project is undertaken by 14 Trees which is a joint venture by LafargeHolcim and CDC Group.

The 3D-printed school in Malawi (photo courtesy of Thomson Reuters Foundation)

The project intends to build affordable low-carbon schools and houses in Africa, Malawi being the first in Africa to build an affordable 3D-printed house and the first in the world to build a 3D school. Similar projects will be undertaken in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The project leverages technology to produce affordable 3D houses and schools which take a shorter time to construct and eliminate the use of most of the construction materials.