Top Ten Countries to Invest In real Estate

Are you willing to invest in future? Is you country offering a good environment for investing? Which is the best place to invest apart from your country? Small investor find it hard to invest in some countries or other find that they have risked their money but here are some of the things you will look before investing in foreign country: 1. Stability of the government. 2. Flexibility of the government policies. 3. Exchange rate stability. 4. Tar policies and concessions. 5. The scope of the market. 6. Return on the investment.

Top Ten Countries to Invest In real Estate
Top Ten Countries to Invest In real Estate
Top Ten Countries to Invest In real Estate

Real Estate is expanding though Africa as each nation is in a race to be the top in Africa. This raises and attracts investors who wish to benefit from the and growing potential. Some countries put policies, strategies and internal efforts making investors mor enticing than others in general. When it comes to African real estate remains a great opportunity for investment and a good tool for additional revenue. Rapid urbanization, population growth, tourism and relocation of businesses are driving demand for new offices, hotels and retail malls. Small investors are going in now and taking advantage of the opportunities before it becomes virtually impossible. In fact, Africa is viewed as such a significant investment opportunity, over 70% of Chinese foreign investment is in Africa. Other countries like India, Turkey and Russia are closely following behind China increasing their investments in the continent. Even though there are 54 countries in Africa, here are the top 10 countries you should view when making Real estate investment

10 Namibia

Namibia has numerous investors with over $ 2Bilion with an investor retention rate of 99%, Namibia should be at the top of the list for any real estate investor. Around 2014, real-estate was the cornerstone of Namibia's economy. Namibia was the second most expensive house in the world after Dubai, this increased the force of investment and tourism booming the economy with linear investment government policies. Namibia still holds a potential to become one of the strongest countries with regards to real estate

9 Morocco

When comes to most efficient country to invest in Africa, morocco is the best choice to invest 2020 and that includes real estate. The Sheriff Kingdom is going to develop in the next coming years with an average rate of 4%.Namibia is the  headquarter for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which has earned it investments making it a desirable place for investment. Besides this, past projects in the country were the most successful earning it a top position in  beauty in real estate

8 Mauritius

Mauritius takes the first place in Africa for investment potentials and 39th globally out of161 islands states evaluated. This achievement is due to stable democracy, good strategic location, powerful infrastructure and google, tax system. Mauritius is a state which mainly depend on tourism, real-estate, digital economy and financial services. In future, Mauritius is looking forward to diversify its economy into other areas which are relevant to islands like protecting natural environment and oceans, renewable energies and water management.

8 Kenya

Kenya is one of the top countries in retail investment in Nairobi, Especially Nairobi is the fastest growing economies as well as a home for numerous headquarters like IBM, Google, Coca-Cola and others. The growing population has raised the demand for offices , housing, hotels and recreational facilities. There is also a healthy tourism by Kenya being the best place in offering tourism services in Stern and Central Africa. Due to Terrorist attacks, the potential for investment has been slowed down but this has not stopped Kenya from attracting ,ore investments

6 Mozambique

The presences of offshore Natural gas and government policies have laid a solid foundation for the changing real estate landscape in is projected as the fastest growing country over the 5years. The arrival of oil and gas has led to construction of high laundry buildings into office space and improvement of infrastructure.

5 Egypt

Egypt is Africa’s third largest economy with Alexandria, Cairo and Giza as its major cities. Cairo is 15th globally for most expensive cities. Egypt is well known for its historical   nature like pyramid, Tombs and houses. Egypt being the African country mentioned in the Christian bible, It is well Known globally and this has influenced tourism in Egypt and attracting more investors on the sector. Egypt is a desert but due to advanced technologies implemented, it has become one of the top producing country for agricultural products. Due to long existence of political stability and security, Egypt holds more opportunities tor investment.

4 Angola

Angola is one of the countries with largest economy in Africa but despite that, Angola suffers from office space. Due to inadequate officing and other social facilities, Angola stands a potential opportunity for real-estate investors.

3 Rwanda

Rwanda is that top country I Africa with highest population density. The high population is driving the country to high demand of residential areas and business facilities. Due to high population growth rate, the government of Rwanda has put some policies on Infrastructure to reduce the problem of residence.

2 Ghana

Ghana is one of African countries with political stability with few internal conflicts. Ghana has is experiencing a rapid growth of urban population and this raises the demand for residential areas. There is a shortage affordable residencia areas and commercial units which makes Ghana a perfect opportunity for investment.


Being Africa's largest economy, Nigeria suffers from shortage of affordable residential areas and commercial units. Housing in Nigeria is very expensive, this creates a gab for the need in affordable housing hence opening the opportunities for investors .Nigeria is one of the African countries which are producing oil, this has led to the development of industries and creating more opportunities for investment. Due to high opportunities for investing, Nigeria stands at an ultimate position for investors.