Things to Inspect Before Buying a House

Home buyers need to be very keen when inspecting any home to purchase. This is because, if any problems are discovered too late, it can bring large losses to the buyers.

Things to Inspect  Before Buying a House
photo courtesy of Omare Jeff

Look on this before purchasing a home:


A home buyer should look the presence of pests like termites in the house. Termites can cause a large damage to your home and make you go through a large costly repair.

Outdated fixtures and electrical wiring

Buyer should be on the look out for any indication of faulty wiring and outdated fixtures. Electrical problems in any home can cause fire damage so he or she should be keen on inspecting. 

Drainage problems
As a buyer, look on drainage problems to avoid flooding problem in your backyard. A slow drainage sink could cause bigger problems. Buyers should test sinks and flush toilets to test for any potential problems.

Bad smell
Buyers should note any musty smell in the home and be on the look out for any mold. Mold can be caused by improper air circulation as well as water leaks.

Edited by Pendo Setim.