Types of Paint Colours in Homes

In the list of colours that exist, we would probably not exhaust all of them. Interestingly, the colour you paint in your house determines a lot of things. These include the mood of the living room, the character of the homeowners, the message the colours tell vividly and how interior designers match with the chosen colour.

Types of Paint Colours in Homes

The paint colours to try in your house include:

Bright colours: Bright colours include yellow, orange, green and blue. According to psychology, these colours are friendly. Additionally, they provide a “welcome feeling” to your visitors. Bright colours enhance the natural light in a house.

Dark colours: Purple as a dark colour when applied effectively convey comfort. Furthermore, red portrays “safety” to the homeowners. According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), dark and dull colours on a home’s exterior absorb anywhere between 70 to 90% of the sun’s energy hence making the house warmer.

Warm colours: Warm colours such as orange and yellow inspire activity in perceived “boring rooms”. Additionally, these colours are the catalyst for relaxation when infused wisely with the interior designers.

Red: This colour, a very bold colour conveys energy to the house. In the same vein, red also inspire “confidence” in the home owners and visitors. On the flip side, red colour can be intimidating so avoid using it as base room colour.  

Cold colours: Cold colours represent relaxation and a refreshed feeling especially in bedrooms. They include icy blues and greens. Cold colours also represent deep silence and contemplation.

Finally, houses are painted to inspire a mood and create a feeling. The small details about colours when done effectively will make homes an aesthetic beauty. Paint creatively well.