The Kenya Homes Expo 2021

The 30th edition of the Kenya Homes Expo will be held at the Sarit Centre from the 23rd to the 26th of September 2021. Due to the uncertainties of Covid-19, the expo didn’t take place last year and had to be postponed to this year.

The Kenya Homes Expo 2021
Photo/ Courtesy of Kenya Homes Expo

According to Maffey Gogo, the head of marketing, the event is likely to host over Two Hundred exhibitors.

How to become an Exhibitor

For one to be an exhibitor, they are required to book a stand which comes in different sizes starting from 2 metres by 2 metres to 6 metres by 6 metres. Booking can be done by visiting the website or calling our number at (+254) 0721 325 902.

One can also become an exhibitor through sponsorship. There are various sponsorship packages a company can choose from depending on their budget, these include; Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsorship. Brands like Ashut Engineers limited, Dr. Mattress, Kings Developers, Superior Homes, Liberty Insurance, Hass Consult have confirmed participation in the expo among many others.

Hotpoint and Hyssop Properties are some of the sponsors who have shown interest in sponsoring the event.

The expo provides a powerful platform where exhibitors intend to interact with potential customers for four days in a row increasing sales and brand awareness.

Adherence to Covid-19 Protocols and Guidelines

With the unpredicted nature of the pandemic, the event organizers plan to strictly adhere to the Covid-19 protocols and guidelines.

The Sarit Centre Covid-19 management team will be sanitizing the event’s venue every morning before the event begins, right from the entrance to the halls.

There will be notices reminding visitors and exhibitors on the importance of following the Covid-19 guidelines.

The security personnel will ensure that everyone has their masks on at all times, ushers will limit the number of people to make sure social distancing is observed.

There will also be periodic announcements reminding people to follow the rules and the Kenya Red Cross and St. John’s Ambulance will be on standby.

So far, the Homes Expo has been held only in Nairobi, when asked about future plans, Mr. Gogo ascertains that the Expo intends to expand to major cities within the East and Central Africa bloc like Mombasa, Kigali in Rwanda and Kampala in Uganda among others.

Edited by Pendo Setim