Oil-based Paint Versus Latex Paint

People have different preferences; while some choose oil paint for it's durability and hard finish others go for latex paint because of its reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and its ability to clean. Here is what you need to know about these paints.

Oil-based Paint Versus Latex Paint
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1. Time to dry

Oil-based paints are smooth and even. They take up to 16 hours for their coat to dry but once they dry, they can be scrubbed easily without any worries of scratching the paint or losing its luster. They take about a week to cure and one can move in.

Latex paints dry faster. Its coats take less than two hours to dry and you can add another coat, but they take a longer time to cure, about a month.

2. Toxicity

Oil-based paints are toxic. They have more levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and this requires one to carefully follow precautions in regards to ventilation and paint disposal. Mineral spirits are needed to clean up spills and brushes.

Latex paints are non-toxic. They have reduced levels of VOCs, which is not so harmful. This reason makes it popular and preferred by people.

3.Durability and cleaning

On durability and cleaning, latex paints are flexible and this is from polymers used in the formula. Its flexibility increases the paints' resistance to cracking. The water-based latex paints are known for scratching and losing their finish when cleaned while oil-based paints are durable and can be scrubbed without worries of it losing their luster.

4. Prices

Prices depend on different brands and their finish but mostly latex paints are cheaper than the oil-based paints.

5. Odor

Oil-based paints have a stronger odor than latex paint, thus it is required when you use them to ensure the room is well ventilated before you enter.

6. Finish type

Oil-based paints have a glossy finish that appears attractive while latex paints have both glossy and matt finish.